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Aug-2002CERIF - Information Retrieval of Research Information in a Distributed Heterogeneous EnvironmentLopatenko, Andrei ; Asserson, Anne ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
9-Jun-2016A CERIF description of an OA Policy to ease monitoring complianceBrasse, Valérie ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne ; Rémy, Laurent 
31-Oct-2012CERIF-CRIS: A Research Information Model for Decision Support: Use and Trends for the FutureJörg, Brigitte ; Cutting-Decelle, Anne-Françoise ; Houssos, Nikos ; Sicilia, Miguel Angel ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
Aug-2002CERIF: Past, Present and Future: An OverviewAsserson, Anne ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Lopatenko, Andrei 
Aug-2002Comparative Study of Metadata for Scientific Information: The Place of CERIF in CRISs and Scientific RepositoriesJeffery, Keith G. ; Lopatenko, Andrei ; Asserson, Anne 
12-Sep-2011CRIS and Repositories: Setting the SceneJeffery, Keith G. 
9-Jun-2012CRIS in 2020Jeffery, Keith G. 
10-Sep-2012CRIS in Horizon 2020 and Beyond: Setting the SceneJeffery, Keith G. 
14-May-2014Data Intensive Science: Shades of GreyJeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne 
13-May-2014EPOS: a novel use of CERIF for data intensive scienceBailo, Daniele ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
5-Nov-2012euroCRIS at the Crossroads (10 years on)Jeffery, Keith G. 
10-May-2010The euroCRIS View of the Rome OA WorkshopJeffery, Keith G. 
13-May-2014From Open Data to Data-Intensive Science through CERIFJeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne ; Houssos, Nikos ; Brasse, Valérie ; Jörg, Brigitte 
11-Jun-2016Mapping solid earth Data and Research Infrastructures to CERIFBailo, Daniele ; Nayembil, Martin ; Spinuso, Alessandro ; Trani, Luca ; Ulbricht, Damian ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
13-May-2004The Need for a Standardized Current Research Information System (CRIS): A "Call to Arms"Zimmerman, Eric H. ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
13-May-2004The New Technologies: Can CRISs Benefit?Jeffery, Keith G. 
9-Sep-2013An Overview of the Research Information Metadata EcosystemJeffery, Keith G. 
10-May-2010State of the Art and Roadmap for Current Research Information Systems and Repositories: White PaperJeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne ; Luzi, Daniela 
11-Nov-2014Towards a European Research Information InfrastructureJeffery, Keith G. 
7-Jun-2012UKRISS – Feasibility study and proof-of-concept for a shared research information reporting service based on CERIFWaddington, Simon ; Gartner, Richard ; Sudlow, Allan ; Walshe, Karen ; Scoble, Rosa ; Mitchell, Lorna ; Jones, Richard ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Trowell, Stephen