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9-Jun-2012CERIF in Action: Synthesise, standardise and productionise CERIF for Higher Education InstitutionsClements, Anna ; Brander, Scott ; McCutcheon, Valerie ; Brown, Josh ; Heenan, Dale ; Vestdam, Thomas 
19-Nov-2019Crossref grant IDs: a global, open database of funding information and identifiersBrown, Josh 
7-Jun-2012Integrated Research Input & Output System (IRIOS-2) – An OverviewGinty, Kevin ; Kerridge, Simon ; Brown, Josh ; Fairley, Paul ; McCutcheon, Valerie ; Clements, Anna 
22-Nov-2017ORCID Update: Projects Old and NewBrown, Josh 
14-Jun-2018Principles and Pragmatics of “as open as possible”: persistent identifiers as the interface between research information commons and closed systemsTatum, Clifford ; Brown, Josh 
8-Jun-2012RMAS – Delivering an integrated Research Management & Administration SystemFairley, Paul ; Ginty, Kevin ; Kerridge, Simon ; Foster, Simon ; Trowell, Stephen ; Hustwayte, Steve ; Butcher, Steve ; Brown, Josh ; Major, Roland 
11-Nov-2015THOR: Connecting People, Places and ThingsBrown, Josh 
9-Jun-2016Towards a CERIF-ORCID API adaptor: a progress reportDemeranville, Tom ; Brown, Josh ; Dvořák, Jan ; Karaiskos, Dimitris 
11-Nov-2014The various aspects of Interoperability: A strategic partnership driving interoperability in research information through standardsBaker, David ; Simons, Eduard ; Brown, Josh