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10-May-20101st Workshop on CRIS, CERIF and Institutional Repositories: OpeningLuzi, Daniela 
13-May-2014Integrating CERIF entities in a multidisciplinary e-infrastructure for environmental research dataBoldrini, Enrico ; Luzi, Daniela ; Nativi, Stefano ; Pecoraro, Fabrizio 
10-May-2010State of the Art and Roadmap for Current Research Information Systems and Repositories: White PaperJeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne ; Luzi, Daniela 
7-Jun-2012Toward the Integration of Datasets in the CRIS Environment: A Preliminary AnalysisLuzi, Daniela ; Di Cesare, Rosa ; Ruggieri, Roberta 
26-May-2011Towards a CRIS + IR integration at CNRLuzi, Daniela