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31-May-2023FRIS: Exploring and introducing the CERIF-object Research Infrastructures and its golden record-viewDengis, Pascale ; de Bal, Ils 
15-May-2024Funding organization uses the regional CRIS as source for reporting research: the case of FWO and FRISde Bal, Ils ; Dengis, Pascale 
15-May-2024A list of recommendations to improve the workflow of dataset metadata in the Flemish research landscapeNeyens, Evy ; Dhollander, Evelien ; Bloemen, Dieuwertje ; Leonard, Kevin ; Brebels, Werner ; Wuyts, Tom ; Dengis, Pascale ; Portier, Marc ; Poelmans, Hanne 
12-May-2022Monitoring Open Science policy using a regional CRIS – the Flanders case with FRISDengis, Pascale ; de Bal, Ils 
24-Nov-2021Research infrastructures: metadata model & data capturing in FRISde Bal, Ils ; Poelmans, Hanne ; Dengis, Pascale