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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2002CERIF: Past, Present and Future: An OverviewAsserson, Anne ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Lopatenko, Andrei 
Aug-2002Current Research Information as Part of Digital Libraries and the Heterogeneity ProblemKrause, Jürgen 
13-May-2004The New Technologies: Can CRISs Benefit?Jeffery, Keith G. 
13-May-2004Usage and Benefits of CRIS for two extremes: the Political Decision-Maker and the Research ManagerHeemskerk, Frank 
13-May-2004Don't Tease the Reader: Techniques for Making Social Science CRIS More Useful to Research UsersJacobs, Neil 
13-May-2004A Corporate Data Repository for CCLRC Using CERIFGrabczewski, Edward ; Crompton, Shirley ; Robinson, Stuart ; Hall, Trudy 
13-May-2004The Need for a Standardized Current Research Information System (CRIS): A "Call to Arms"Zimmerman, Eric H. ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
13-May-2004Open Access Portal to Scientific Data and ExpertiseMühlebach, Felix ; Poort, Jan 
13-May-2004Keep the Best – Forget the Rest? Towards Models for CRISs Integrating Heterogeneous InformationStempfhuber, Maximilian 
13-May-2004Thoughts about Tomorrow's Scholarly Communication SystemVan de Sompel, Herbert 
11-May-2006NARCIS - Integrating CRIS, OAI and Web CrawlingDijk, Elly ; Hogenaar, Arjan ; Van Meel, Marga 
11-May-2006The Use of Research Funding Databases for Research Assessment Information SystemsBovelet, Daniel 
11-May-2006From CRIS to CRIS: Integration and InteroperabilityHornbostel, Stefan 
11-May-2006Enabling Interaction and Quality in a Distributed Data DRISBrandt, D. Scott ; Mullins, James L. ; Witt, Michael 
11-May-2006Maximizing Research Impact through Institutional and National Open-Access Self-Archiving MandatesHarnad, Stevan 
6-Jun-2008Quality is the Product is Quality – Information Management as a Closed-loop ProcessHahnen, Holger ; Güdler, Jürgen 
6-Jun-2008Quality assurance in the research documentation system FridaLingjærde, Grete Christina ; Sjøgren, Andora 
6-Jun-2008Information quality in the context of CRIS and CERIFStempfhuber, Maximilian 
6-Jun-2008Joint European Research Information Systems (RIS): Activities and Recommendations of an ESF-EUROHORCS Working GroupMugabushaka, Alexis-Michel 
10-May-20101st Workshop on CRIS, CERIF and Institutional Repositories: OpeningLuzi, Daniela