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22-Nov-2023The Case Study on ”European Integration of National-level services” of FAIRCORE4EOSCNikkanen, Joonas 
31-May-2023European Integration of National-level Services – a look on the case study of the FAIRCORE4EOSC projectNikkanen, Joonas 
16-May-2024Facilitating the discovery and identification of EOSC resourcesBennett, Mike ; Buys, Matt ; Eleftherakis, Stavroula ; Katsogiannis-Meimarakis, George ; Manghi, Paolo ; Vergoulis, Thanasis 
22-Nov-2023FAIRCORE4EOSC and the Metadata Schema and Crosswalk RegistrySuominen, Tommi 
1-Dec-2022FAIRCORE4EOSC: Developing EOSC Core components to enable a FAIR EOSC ecosystemSuominen, Tommi 
15-May-2024Piloting the use of PIDGRAPH data in research.fiSuominen, Tommi ; Himanen, Laura ; Hellsten, Lauri ; Bennett, Mike ; Buys, Matt 
16-May-2024Piloting the use of RAiD in research.fiSuominen, Tommi ; Himanen, Laura ; Rydman, Walter ; Sipponen, Sonja ; Tatum, Clifford 
13-Sep-2023The role of national and regional CRIS in the implementation of PIDsDe Castro, Pablo