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Nov-2018The Added Value of a CRIS in Archiving Research Data and Registering Data Management Plans. A Case Study of Radboud University and the National Data Archive DANS, the NetherlandsJetten, Mijke ; Slouwerhof, Inge 
11-Nov-2015The DRE Project (Digital Research Environment) at Radboud University: integrating the CRIS in the on line research work space of the researcherSimons, Eduard 
10-Jun-2016The important role of CRIS’s for registration and archiving of research dataSimons, Eduard ; Jetten, Mijke ; van Berchum, Marnix ; Messelink, Maaike ; Schoonbrood, Hans ; Wittenberg, Marion 
31-May-2017Integrating Data Management Plan functionality in the CRISSimons, Eduard 
7-Jun-2018The (possible) role of Research Information Systems (CRIS) for an institution and its researchers. With special attention to research data management and archivingSimons, Eduard 
5-Jun-2019Research data management incorporated in a Research Information Management system. A case study on archiving data sets and writing Data Management Plans at Radboud University, the NetherlandsJetten, Mijke ; Simons, Eduard 
12-Nov-2014Research Data Services Project at Radboud UniversityVan Dongen, Piet 
1-Dec-2022Research policy at Radboud UniversityBögels, Gertjan 
15-Jun-2018The role of CRIS’s in the research life cycle. A case study on implementing a FAIR RDM policy at Radboud University, the NetherlandsJetten, Mijke ; Rijnders, Jan ; Simons, Eduard