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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2012Building CERIF Databases from CVNSicilia, Miguel Angel 
13-May-2014CASRAI and ORCID – Putting the pieces together to collaboratively support the research communityHaak, Laurel ; Baker, David ; Höllrigl, Thorsten 
11-Nov-2014The Catalan Research portal: collecting information from Catalan universities via CERIFRos i Gorné, Ramon ; Anglada, Lluís M. ; Reoyo, Sandra ; De la Vega, Ricard 
11-Nov-2015The Catalan Research Portal: ready to goRos i Gorné, Ramon 
Aug-2002CERIF - Information Retrieval of Research Information in a Distributed Heterogeneous EnvironmentLopatenko, Andrei ; Asserson, Anne ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
9-Jun-2012CERIF in Action: Synthesise, standardise and productionise CERIF for Higher Education InstitutionsClements, Anna ; Brander, Scott ; McCutcheon, Valerie ; Brown, Josh ; Heenan, Dale ; Vestdam, Thomas 
9-Nov-2016CERIF XML updateDvořák, Jan ; Bollini, Andrea ; Vestdam, Thomas 
8-Jun-2012CERIFy: Using Business Process Mapping to Engage with Research Information Management Processes and the CERIF Data ModelMahey, Mahendra ; Brennan, Niamh 
21-Nov-2017A data journey: From the lab bench to FAIR data reportingZigoni, Alberto 
Aug-2002DBClear: A Generic System for ClearinghousesHellweg, Heiko ; Hermes, Bernd ; Stempfhuber, Maximilian ; Enderle, W. ; Fischer, T. 
22-Nov-2017Developing of Software Infrastructure for Research Domain at University of Novi SadIvanović, Dragan 
9-Sep-2013Discovery MetadataSummann, Friedrich 
11-May-2006From CRIS to CRIS: Integration and InteroperabilityHornbostel, Stefan 
24-Apr-2014Global Standards for System Interoperability: CERIFDe Castro, Pablo 
13-May-2014The gradual merging of repository and CRIS solutions to meet institutional research information management requirementsDe Castro, Pablo ; Shearer, Kathleen ; Summann, Friedrich 
11-Nov-2014Interoperability – the IR (COAR) perspectiveSummann, Friedrich 
12-Nov-2014Interoperability: the View from ConverisJägerhorn, Martin 
12-Sep-2011The key is metadataBaker, David 
13-Jun-2014Let's do data research work: the creation of a portal with research information from Catalan UniversitiesRos i Gorné, Ramon ; Anglada, Lluís M. ; Reoyo, Sandra ; De la Vega, Ricard 
8-Jun-2012Linking CRIS to EducationSchöpfel, Joachim ; Van Baelinghem, Marie-José ; Sparrow, Laurent