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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2012CONVERIS 5: the Next Generation Current Research Information SystemMaier, Jan C. ; Höllrigl, Thorsten ; Weiss, Rudolf 
13-May-2004A Corporate Data Repository for CCLRC Using CERIFGrabczewski, Edward ; Crompton, Shirley ; Robinson, Stuart ; Hall, Trudy 
8-Jun-2012Creating a Data Infrastructure for Tracking Knowledge FlowHaak, Laurel ; Baker, David ; Probus, Matt A. 
10-Nov-2016Creating a national digital library of scientific publications using DSpaceStoilos, Giorgos ; Karozos, Kostis ; Batistatos, Giorgos ; Vassalos, Vasilis 
20-Nov-2019Creating the Croatian National CRISOrel, Ognjen 
14-Jun-2018The creation of a harmonized, semantically enriched Flemish research discipline list: about pitfalls and opportunitiesVancauwenbergh, Sadia ; Poelmans, Hanne 
14-Jun-2018The creation of the Flemish research discipline list, a huge step forward in harmonizing research information (systems)Vancauwenbergh, Sadia ; Poelmans, Hanne 
14-Jun-2018CRIS and persistent identifiers: how do they work together?Lambert, Simon 
12-Sep-2011CRIS and Repositories: Setting the SceneJeffery, Keith G. 
4-Sep-2019The CRIS and RIM landscape: surveysMennielli, Michele 
23-Nov-2021CRIS collaboration in the Danish University Library sector – now and in the futureThorst Melbye, Anne 
5-Nov-2012CRIS community in Germany: Establishing the DINI Working Group "Research Information Systems“ (AG FIS): a cooperation with euroCRISEbert, Barbara ; Tobias, Regine 
29-May-2019CRIS enabling open access services – the case of UTUCRIS at the University of TurkuSalmi, Anna ; Linna, Anna-Kaarina 
12-Sep-2011CRIS extensions to CERIF for research outcomes and impact (MICE)Gartner, Richard 
12-Sep-2011CRIS for research information managementHoussos, Nikos 
9-Jun-2012CRIS in 2020Jeffery, Keith G. 
12-May-2015CRIS in German universities and research institutions - position paper of the DINI AG-FISTobias, Regine ; Ebert, Barbara 
10-Sep-2012CRIS in Horizon 2020 and Beyond: Setting the SceneJeffery, Keith G. 
28-May-2019CRIS in OpenAIRE - we take you onboardLöhden, Aenne ; Schirrwagen, Jochen ; Czerniak, Andreas 
10-Jun-2016A CRIS in the Desert: The Implementation of Pure at KAUST - A Case Study in Information ExchangeGrenz, Daryl ; Lery, Thibaut ; Ward, Manus ; Mastoraki, Eirini ; Baessa, Mohamed