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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An enterprise innovation: University of Reading Video Publishing SystemTze Wan Wong, David ; Mann, Phebe 
8-Jun-2012Entities and Identities in Research Information SystemsJörg, Brigitte ; Höllrigl, Thorsten ; Sicilia, Miguel Angel 
31-Aug-2015Entities XML exampleHoussos, Nikos ; Karaiskos, Dimitris 
14-May-2014Epistemio Outcomes - a lightweight CRIS for collecting and managing information about scientific publicationsFlorian, Răzvan Valentin 
13-May-2014EPOS: a novel use of CERIF for data intensive scienceBailo, Daniele ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
10-May-2010EPrints: A Hybrid CRIS/Repository?Carr, Leslie – Delivering a data autodiscovery infrastructureCox, Adrian ; Gutteridge, Christopher 
9-Jun-2016ERIH PLUS – Making the SSH visible, searchable and availableLavik, Gry Ane Vikanes ; Sivertsen, Gunnar 
19-Nov-2019Establishing the ORCID iD in the German Scientific CommunitySummann, Friedrich 
30-Sep-2021Ethics and CRISSchöpfel, Joachim ; Azeroual, Otmane 
27-Nov-2018EUNIS - European University Information SystemsSzmuc, Tomasz 
2015EUNIS 2015: ID Point – User identificationKalske, Maria 
2015EUNIS Congress’ 21st Birthday – A Historical Perspective on its ProceedingsBergström, Johan ; Wilson, Noel 
22-Nov-2017EUNIS-euroCRIS initiative for analysing the role of CRISs within the Higher Education IT ecosystemRibeiro, Lígia Maria 
12-May-2015euroCRIS Membership Meeting Paris May 2015 ConclusionsSimons, Eduard 
12-Nov-2014euroCRIS / EUNIS CollaborationMennielli, Michele ; Ribeiro, Lígia Maria 
2-Apr-2014EuroCRIS and CERIF. The Importance of an International Standard Metadata Model for Research InformationSimons, Eduard 
10-Nov-2015euroCRIS and EUNIS Survey on the state of CRIS and IR in EuropeRibeiro, Lígia Maria ; Mennielli, Michele ; De Castro, Pablo 
5-Nov-2012euroCRIS at the Crossroads (10 years on)Jeffery, Keith G. 
10-Nov-2015euroCRIS Business meeting – Strategic Membership Meeting Autumn 2015 BarcelonaSimons, Eduard