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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2017euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting programme: Autumn 2017 (Bratislava)
10-May-2010The euroCRIS View of the Rome OA WorkshopJeffery, Keith G. 
18-Nov-2019euroCRIS Workshop for CRIS Developers and ManagersDvořák, Jan 
17-Sep-2013euroCRIS, CERIF and CRISSimons, Eduard 
10-Nov-2015The European Commission's FP7 Post-Grant Open Access PilotDe Castro, Pablo 
28-May-2019European Open Science Cloud – What's Up!Öster, Per 
20-Nov-2019European Publication Information Infrastructure - metadata transfers in European contextNikkanen, Joonas 
11-May-2015European R&I Projects in Contracts Data Management: IS Evolution at UPMCBilli-Rizza, Elena ; Abbaci, Ahlem 
21-Nov-2017European Science Foundation: new projects and developmentsBaginskaite, Julija 
14-May-2014European University Information Systems Organisation: EUNISMadey, Jan 
10-Nov-2016European wide infrastructures and services on research information managementTzenou, Georgia ; Bonis, Vasilis 
11-May-2015The evaluation of research units at HCERESCappy, Alain 
9-Sep-2013Evaluation of Research: Outputs, Outcomes and ImpactViney, Ian 
9-Jun-2016Even minor integrations can deliver great value – a case studyKlausen, Mona Hide 
14-May-2013The EWI LOD project: a pilot for a Research Information linked open data architectureVan Grootel, Geert 
19-Nov-2019Expanding the World of PIDs: Conference Identifier and their Role in Managing Metadata QualityHagemann-Wilholt, Stephanie 
14-Nov-2013The experience of faculty evaluation in the University of Porto: Pros and cons of using an integrated academic information systemOliveira, José Fernando ; Almeida, Hélder ; Silva, Mónica 
17-Jun-2020Expertise & Skills (ES): The CINECA «Find an expert» solution based on VIVORollandi, Loredana ; Galimberti, Paola ; Bolelli Gallevi, Stefano 
11-Sep-2012Extending the CRIS in both endsAlroe, Bo ; Rasmussen, Henrik Steen 
8-Aug-2014De Facto Standards Interoperating in the Real World - VIVO/ORCID/CASRAIBaker, David ; Höllrigl, Thorsten ; Bryant, Rebecca