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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2002International Research Information System: Support to Science ManagementMons, Barend ; Van Kessel, Renée ; Mons, Albert ; Strijp, Ruud ; Schijvenaars, Bob ; Van Mulligen, Erik 
11-Sep-2017International standards setting for data on research information: the experience of CASRAI and euroCRISClements, Anna 
14-Nov-2013Interoperability around repositories: RCAAP servicesCarvalho, José 
11-Nov-2014Interoperability in Research Information: The View from the JiscNaughton, Linda 
11-Nov-2014Interoperability – the IR (COAR) perspectiveSummann, Friedrich 
12-Nov-2014Interoperability: the View from ConverisJägerhorn, Martin 
24-Jun-2021Interview with Anna Guillaumet, Head of the Spanish-language VIVO User GroupDe Castro, Pablo ; Guillaumet, Anna 
23-Apr-2020Introducción a la gestión de la información científicaDe Castro, Pablo 
11-Jun-2016Introducing CRIS at FAUMelsheimer, Bastian ; Walther, Marcus 
15-Jun-2018Introducing CRIS in Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in SkopjeMishev, Kostadin ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Zivkovic, Vujica 
12-Sep-2011Introducing CRIS Information in Repository FederationsManghi, Paolo 
11-Nov-2014Introducing Web of Science ProfilesJägerhorn, Martin 
2-Jun-2015Introduction à CERIFBrasse, Valérie 
10-Jun-2016Introduction to DMPonlineDavidson, Joy ; Jones, Sarah 
4-Sep-2019Introduction to euroCRIS and CRIS SystemsSimons, Eduard 
10-Nov-2015ioChem-BD: Taming the Big Data in Computational ChemistryBo, Carles 
2-Apr-2014IPn Methodology - Effective System for Assessing and Funding Research, Development and InnovationHudečková, Viera 
1-Mar-2019IRINS: Indian Research Information Network SystemKannan P ; Siva Shankar, Kimidi 
20-Nov-2019IRINS: The Indian Research Information Network SystemKannan P ; Siva Shankar, Kimidi 
12-May-2015IRIS & DSpace-CRIS: an updateBollini, Andrea ; Mornati, Susanna