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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2002Proposals for a new flexible and extensible XML-model for exchange of research informationVindvad, Jens ; Øverby, Erlend 
13-May-2014Providing an application-specific interface over a CERIF back-end: challenges and solutionsIvanović, Dragan ; Houssos, Nikos 
10-Nov-2015PT-CRIS Status ReportMoreira, João Mendes 
15-Jun-2018PTCRIS: Planning and implementing a national CRIS ecosystemMoreira, João Mendes ; Laranjeira, Cátia 
10-Jun-2016PTCRIS_OrgID - a Portuguese Organization Identifiers Authoritative SystemAmante, Maria João ; Lopes, Susana ; Segurado, Teresa ; Godinho, Joaquim ; Quintano, Luís ; Duarte, João 
13-May-2014Publication metadata in CERIF: Inspiration by FRBRDvořák, Jan ; Drobíková, Barbora ; Bollini, Andrea 
14-Nov-2013Publishing structural health monitoring dataCosta, Fábio ; David, Gabriel ; Cunha, Álvaro 
6-Jun-2008Quality assurance in the research documentation system FridaLingjærde, Grete Christina ; Sjøgren, Andora 
6-Jun-2008Quality is the Product is Quality – Information Management as a Closed-loop ProcessHahnen, Holger ; Güdler, Jürgen 
15-Jun-2018Quality Issues of CRIS DataAzeroual, Otmane ; Schöpfel, Joachim 
13-May-2014The Quest for Research InformationBlümel, Ina ; Dietze, Stefan ; Heller, Lambert ; Jäschke, Robert ; Mehlberg, Martin 
10-Nov-2015R&D Information Service and the Library: managing the bridge between UPCommons and DRACRovira, Anna ; Miralles, Ramon 
9-Jun-2016R&D Statistics Information System: An Interoperability Tail between CERIF and SDMXKaraiskos, Dimitris ; Xinidis, Dimitris ; Bonis, Vasilis 
14-May-2014R-LINK: Research Content Linked Data CloudGhirardi, Nicola ; Scipione, Gabriella 
10-Jun-2019RCAAP Repositories Network - Promoting Interoperability with CRIS systemsCarvalho, Jose 
3-Jun-2010Reaching the Public of the Social Sciences - Experiences from Practice: the Support Action PLATON+Beltzung, Louise ; Bruhne, Annelies 
15-May-2014Recent work by the euroCRIS Best Practice/DRIS Task Group: A way forward for engaging with the CRIS CommunityDe Castro, Pablo ; Mennielli, Michele 
28-May-2019Redefining Open – National Open Access Monitoring in FinlandIlva, Jyrki 
9-Jun-2016Regional Portal FVG: effective interoperability through DSpace-CRIS and open standardsPiščanc, Jordan ; Trampus, Romano ; Balbi, Luisa ; Mennielli, Michele ; Mornati, Susanna ; Pascarelli, Luigi Andrea ; Bollini, Andrea 
15-Jun-2018Regional Research Portal UnityFVG: an OpenScience portalPiščanc, Jordan ; Trampus, Romano ; Mornati, Susanna ; Bollini, Andrea