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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2019Time to REST: The University of Stirling's REST API based integration between Worktribe and DSpaceWhite, Michael 
2014Tool for creating learning modules developed on the basis of open source OpenScholar softwarePilt, Lehti ; Tartes, Tõnis ; Morandi, Triin 
11-May-2015Toward a Secure and Scalable Collaborative Platform to Support the Research LifecyclePelfresne, René ; Tucsnak, Zenaida 
7-Jun-2012Toward the Integration of Datasets in the CRIS Environment: A Preliminary AnalysisLuzi, Daniela ; Di Cesare, Rosa ; Ruggieri, Roberta 
11-Sep-2012Towards 2020: AVEDAS view on the future of CRISWeiss, Rudolf 
9-Jun-2016Towards a CERIF-ORCID API adaptor: a progress reportDemeranville, Tom ; Brown, Josh ; Dvořák, Jan ; Karaiskos, Dimitris 
26-May-2011Towards a CRIS + IR integration at CNRLuzi, Daniela 
11-Nov-2014Towards a European Research Information InfrastructureJeffery, Keith G. 
27-May-2011Towards a Global Network for Agriculture: the VOA3R project in ItalyManouselis, Nikos ; Gabaldo, Maria ; Scipione, Gabriella ; Favorite, Alessio 
10-Nov-2016Towards a Model for FAIR Data Information InfrastructuresTerheggen, Caspar ; Simons, Eduard 
11-Nov-2015Towards a national research information infrastructure in the Netherlands based on CERIF: challenges and opportunitiesBaars, Chris 
20-Nov-2019Towards a reference implementation for open scientometric indicators: the ROSI projectHauschke, Christian 
28-May-2019Towards an integrated research information infrastructure at the Nordic levelSivertsen, Gunnar 
10-Nov-2016Towards contextual awareness and interoperability in an enhanced VRE: mapping individual metadata schemata to CERIFTheodoridou, Maria ; Patkos, Theodore ; Doerr, Martin 
9-Nov-2016Towards increasing interoperability of Research Information Systems: the view of Science EuropeGale, Emily 
14-Jun-2018Towards interoperability between Omega-PSIR and OpenAIRESkonieczny, Łukasz ; Rybiński, Henryk ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Struk, Wacław 
8-Jun-2012Towards Knowledge/Technology Transfer: U-GOV Research Achievements and New ChallengesBertazzoni, Nicola ; Bonora, Paolo ; Luglio, Fabrizio ; Zaetta, Marta 
13-May-2014Towards open data on how the research data are used: CRIS-CERIF based approachParinov, Sergey 
5-Nov-2012Towards ORCID Implementation in SpainDe Castro, Pablo 
10-Jun-2016Towards reliable data - counting the Finnish Open Access publicationsIlva, Jyrki