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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2018Towards interoperability between Omega-PSIR and OpenAIRESkonieczny, Łukasz ; Rybiński, Henryk ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Struk, Wacław 
8-Jun-2012Towards Knowledge/Technology Transfer: U-GOV Research Achievements and New ChallengesBertazzoni, Nicola ; Bonora, Paolo ; Luglio, Fabrizio ; Zaetta, Marta 
13-May-2014Towards open data on how the research data are used: CRIS-CERIF based approachParinov, Sergey 
5-Nov-2012Towards ORCID Implementation in SpainDe Castro, Pablo 
10-Jun-2016Towards reliable data - counting the Finnish Open Access publicationsIlva, Jyrki 
9-Jun-2016Towards the Information System for Research Programmes of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of SerbiaIvanović, Dragan ; Surla, Dušan ; Trajanović, Miroslav ; Mišić, Dragan ; Konjović, Zora 
31-May-2017Towards the integration of European research informationPuuska, Hanna-Mari ; Pölönen, Janne ; Engels, Tim ; Sivertsen, Gunnar 
9-Jun-2015Transform Assessment and Feedback Through…El Hakim, Yaz 
9-Jun-2015Transforming assessment and feedback using technologyAjjawi, Rola 
2014Transforming the student experience: Manchester Metropolitan University’s EQAL projectStubbs, Mark 
31-May-2017The transition of FRIS 1.0 towards FRIS 2.0: Focus on semantic interoperabilityVancauwenbergh, Sadia 
20-Nov-2019Transitioning from Current to Collaborative Research Information SystemsVeenstra, Nick 
Aug-2002Treatment of Semantic Heterogeneity using Metadata Extraction and Query TranslationStrötgen, Robert 
10-Jun-2016Tutorial: Assessment of University rankings in the frame of measuring university performanceVancauwenbergh, Sadia 
14-May-2014UCARIS – Making the most of your current resourcesGarrett, Leigh ; Silva, Carlos 
2015UCISA Digital Capabilities Survey 2014 – ResultsFielding, Gillian ; McCready, Rebecca ; Cameron, Iain ; Webb, Annette ; Adams, Julie ; Whalley, Grazyna 
27-May-2011UKOLN activities on research information managementDay, Michael 
15-Nov-2013UKRISS Core Information Reporting Profile, Harmonisation, CERIF, euroCRIS, CASRAIJörg, Brigitte 
7-Jun-2012UKRISS – Feasibility study and proof-of-concept for a shared research information reporting service based on CERIFWaddington, Simon ; Gartner, Richard ; Sudlow, Allan ; Walshe, Karen ; Scoble, Rosa ; Mitchell, Lorna ; Jones, Richard ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Trowell, Stephen 
8-Nov-2018An up-to-date state of CRISs in Spanish universitiesMalo de Molina, Teresa ; Barrionuevo, Leticia ; Borgoñós, M. Dolores ; Casaldàliga, Anna ; Gómez, Javier ; Guijarro, Concepción ; Junco, Fernando ; Ortiz, Eva ; Pascual del Pobil, Almudena