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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-May-2006The Use of Research Funding Databases for Research Assessment Information SystemsBovelet, Daniel 
29-May-2019The use of researchfish® by the Novo Nordisk FoundationFosse, Henrik Barslund 
3-Jun-2010Users in the spotlight: study on the use of the Dutch scientific portal NARCIS, 2009Dijk, Elly ; Hogenaar, Arjan ; Van Meel, Marga 
30-May-2017Using a CRIS to allocate research funding based on research outputsCleere, Liam 
2-Apr-2014Using a CRIS to reduce workload and increase quality for research reporting and university marketingEbert, Barbara 
9-Jun-2016Using a CRIS to support communication of research: mapping the publication cycle to deposit workflows for data and publicationsFina, Federica ; Proven, Jackie 
11-Nov-2014Using CERIF-based CRIS to support the academic and research community: emerging services in GreeceHoussos, Nikos 
12-May-2015Using CRIS to power research data discoveryBall, Alex ; Brown, Christopher ; Molloy, Laura ; Van den Eynden, Veerle ; Wilson, David 
14-Jun-2018Using Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) to showcase national and institutional research (potential): research information in the context of open science and university marketingBiesenbender, Sophie ; Petersohn, Sabrina ; Thiedig, Christoph 
20-Nov-2019Using DSpace at Fraunhofer – Building up the Fraunhofer Open Science CloudWuchner, Andrea ; Eisengräber-Pabst, Dirk ; Erndt, Michael 
29-May-2019Using SweCRIS-data for a more strategic investment approach in a fragmented R&D-funding landscapeJonason, David 
7-Jun-2012Using templates for presenting publication references in CRISSurla, Bojana Dimić ; Ivanović, Dragan 
19-Nov-2019Using the PID Graph to augment the information in your CRIS SystemFenner, Martin 
12-Nov-2014Überresearch: harmonising research funder informationLawson, Gerry ; Herzog, Christian 
11-Nov-2014The various aspects of Interoperability: A strategic partnership driving interoperability in research information through standardsBaker, David ; Simons, Eduard ; Brown, Josh 
9-Nov-2016The view of OpenAIRE on the realisation of a European Research Information InfrastructureManola, Natalia 
31-May-2017Virtual Research Environments (VRE) vs Research Infrastructures (RI) usageBrasse, Valérie 
5-Nov-2012Visualization of NARCIS: a network of experts and knowledge organization in the NetherlandsDijk, Elly 
13-May-2014Visualizing the information of a Linked Open Data enabled Research Information SystemDimou, Anastasia ; De Vocht, Laurens ; Van Grootel, Geert ; Van Campe, Leen ; Latour, Jeroen ; Mannens, Erik ; Van de Walle, Rik 
17-Jun-2020VIVO as a front-end for an underlying ‘monolithic’ CRIS (II):The UPF approach by SIGMA AIEGuillaumet, Anna