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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2018Apollo, Cambridge’s Institutional Repository, and the University’s CRIS systemMartínez García, Agustina 
9-Jun-2016Application of Kroki Mockup Tool to Implementation of Executable CERIF specificationFilipović, Milorad ; Vaderna, Renata ; Ivković, Željko ; Kaplar, Sebastijan ; Vuković, Željko ; Dejanović, Igor ; Milosavljević, Gordana ; Ivanović, Dragan 
14-May-2013Application of selected SK CRIS system indicators to evaluation of R&D and technology transfer in Slovak higher education and research institutionsZendulková, Danica ; Shearman, Adriana 
15-Nov-2013An application of semantic linkage technique within a CRISParinov, Sergey 
14-May-2014The application of the CERIF data format to Snowball MetricsClements, Anna ; Jörg, Brigitte ; Lingjærde, Grete Christina ; Chudlarský, Tomáš ; Colledge, Lisa 
9-Jun-2012Applying CRIS-data for Analysing Research Collaboration at the University of Bergen, NorwayAksnes, Dag W. ; Mikki, Susanne 
10-Nov-2015Architecture and Development Task Group: Activities in 2015 and Next StepsKaraiskos, Dimitris 
9-Jun-2015Assessing a moving targetSutherland, Shane 
9-Jun-2015Assessing online learning: the TALOE projectRadobolja, Tona 
9-Jun-2015Assessment AnalyticsCooper, Adam 
10-Jun-2016The assessment of competence to perform research and development by the SK CRIS: Research Organisation as an object of evaluationZendulková, Danica 
14-Nov-2013Authenticus – Enabling the Identification and Validation of Portuguese Scientific PublicationsSilva, Fernando 
8-Jun-2012Author Consolidation across European National Bibliographies and Academic Digital RepositoriesFreire, Nuno ; Wiermer, Rene ; Muhr, Markus ; Juffinger, Andreas ; Latronico, Chiara ; Charles, Valentine 
5-Nov-2012Author Identification in DialnetBergasa, Eduardo 
10-Jun-2016Automated affiliation identification for Converis using Web of Science core collection dataWalther, Marcus ; Melsheimer, Bastian 
15-Jun-2018Automated author affiliation processing using Scopus dataWalther, Marcus ; Melsheimer, Bastian 
20-Nov-2019BE OPEN - Open Science in transport: stakeholders involved and their areas of interest, main gaps and opportunities to overcomePalts, Kristel 
22-Nov-2017BE-OPEN: Boosting Engagement of Serbian Universities in Open SciencePajić, Dejan ; Milosavljević, Branko ; Kosanović, Biljana 
8-Jun-2012Bergen Campus Biomedical Research Cooperation Analysis using a CERIF-CRISAksnes, Dag W. ; Asserson, Anne ; Thorstensen, Reidar ; Økland, Bernt Olav 
20-Nov-2019Beyond university-focused research profiles with VIVO: perspectives of a service providerLowe, Brian