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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2015Managing the bridge between Institutional repositories and CRIS: Universitat de BarcelonaLabastida i Juan, Ignasi 
10-Nov-2015Managing the gap: CSIC's CRIS system and Digital.CSIC repositoryPonsati, Agnès 
11-Feb-2021‘Managing’ the Research Lifecycle and Research Information at Edinburgh NapierRamage, Lindsay 
12-May-2022Map of Research Infrastructure as a Tool of the Information System for Research, Development, and InnovationZendulková, Danica ; Gavurníková, Gabriela ; Turňa, Ján 
11-Jun-2016Mapping solid earth Data and Research Infrastructures to CERIFBailo, Daniele ; Nayembil, Martin ; Spinuso, Alessandro ; Trani, Luca ; Ulbricht, Damian ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
11-Sep-2018Mapping the European CRIS infrastructure and its potential applicationsDe Castro, Pablo 
29-May-2019Mapping the NARCIS aggregated domain to the OpenAIRE CERIF modelSteinhoff, Wilko 
11-May-2006Maximizing Research Impact through Institutional and National Open-Access Self-Archiving MandatesHarnad, Stevan 
12-May-2015Measurement of research impact in OpenAIRE 2020: via text mining or the CRISs?Dijk, Elly 
14-Jun-2018Measuring research in the University via senior academic promotions and faculty research metricsKiely, Kevin ; Brennan, Niamh ; Hayes, Ashling 
27-Sep-2021Medical University of Łódź: How are institutions dealing with the early-stage project management workflows?Kozakiewicz, Witold ; Jagiełło, Piotr 
11-Sep-2012MERIL: An e-infrastructure to connect Research InfrastructuresBrasse, Valérie 
10-Sep-2013Metadata in Research Information: Conclusions & Take-Home MessagesSimons, Eduard 
Sep-2013Metadata in Research Information: Tour de TableSimons, Eduard 
27-May-2011Metadata: concentrating on the data not on the schemeSubirats, Imma ; Zeng, Marcia 
Aug-2002Metasearch engine for Austrian research informationAndricík, Marek 
2-Apr-2014Methodology for Evaluation of Outputs of R&D Organisations in Czech Republic from 2013Matějka, Martin 
27-Nov-2018METIS2OpenAIRE: an update on the process for implementing the CERIF-XML Guidelines for CRIS managersDvořák, Jan ; De Castro, Pablo 
14-Jun-2018*metrics: MEasuring The Reliability and perceptions of Indicators for interactions with sCientific productSWiemann, Moritz ; Orth, Astrid ; Giesler, Martin ; Beucke, Daniel 
27-May-2011MICE: Measuring research impacts with CERIFGartner, Richard