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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-May-2022Monitoring Open Science policy using a regional CRIS – the Flanders case with FRISDengis, Pascale ; de Bal, Ils 
2014MOOC 2014: should universities enter the competition?Epelboin, Yves 
2015MOOCs and pedagogy: where are we heading?Epelboin, Yves 
15-May-2014Multi-interoperable CRIS repositoryIvanović, Dragan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Surla, Bojana Dimić 
7-Jun-2012A multi-level metadata approach for a Public Sector Information data infrastructureHoussos, Nikos ; Jörg, Brigitte ; Matthews, Brian 
18-Nov-2019Münster Interest Group meeting on the updated DRISDe Castro, Pablo 
14-May-2014My data, our data, your data: data reuse through data managementAshley, Kevin 
11-May-2006NARCIS - Integrating CRIS, OAI and Web CrawlingDijk, Elly ; Hogenaar, Arjan ; Van Meel, Marga 
10-May-2010NARCIS: linking CRISs and OARs in the Netherlands. A matter of standards and identifiersDijk, Elly 
28-May-2019National bibliographic databases for research output: opportunities and challengesSïle, Linda 
14-Nov-2013National CRIS development in FinlandKaitera, Aija 
15-Jun-2018A national CRIS in Sweden – a developer’s and a researcher’s perspectiveGurell, Jonas ; Nelhans, Gustaf 
7-Jun-2012A National CRIS Infrastructure as the Cornerstone of Transparency in the Research DomainChudlarský, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Jan 
7-Jun-2012A National Current Research Information System for SwedenJohansson, Åke ; Ottosson, Mats Ola 
15-May-2014National Open Access Scientific Articles Registration System (NOSARS)Fatemi, Omid 
13-May-2022National Open Research Analytic: Robust and open Insights & Analytics of Danish ResearchIbanez, Karen Hytteballe ; Lauridsen, Nikoline Dohm 
30-May-2017National planning for Open ResearchClarke, Patricia 
14-May-2022National research e-infrastructure landscape and trendsMarić, Ivan 
12-May-2022National Research Portal 101: The dos and don'ts of building a sustainable portalNeff, Sabine ; Hartmann, Simone ; Erat, Vanessa ; Fürst, Elena ; Strassnig, Michael ; Greil, Michael 
13-May-2004The Need for a Standardized Current Research Information System (CRIS): A "Call to Arms"Zimmerman, Eric H. ; Jeffery, Keith G.