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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2010New bibliometric mapping methods to identify structures and new developments in scienceVan Raan, Anthony F. J. 
12-Nov-2014New developments in monitoring and evaluation of researchLane, Julia 
10-Jun-2016New functionalities of the euroCRIS’ DSpace-CRIS RepositoryMennielli, Michele ; Bollini, Andrea 
8-Jun-2012A New Generation CRIS from Thomson ReutersPurnell, Phillip 
10-Sep-2013A New Paradigm for the Research Information EcosystemLind, Torulf 
20-Nov-2019New professional roles? Competencies and task profiles in IT-supported research reporting – Introduction to the research project “BERTI”Schelske, Stefan ; Thiedig, Christoph 
10-Sep-2013New Requirements for Dataset Metadata: a perspective from CODATAHodson, Simon 
15-Jan-2020New Research Support Roles for University Libraries 
13-May-2004The New Technologies: Can CRISs Benefit?Jeffery, Keith G. 
15-Jun-2018The new version of Government Research Bulletin (GRB) website applying visualization and text-mining toolsTsai, Wan-Hsu ; Chen, Jia-Yu ; Hsu, Wen-Hao 
14-Jun-2018Next generation Institutional Repositories The case of the CUT Institutional Repository KTISISZervas, Marios ; Kounoudes, Alexia ; Artemi, Petros ; Giannoulakis, Stamatios 
28-May-2019The Nordic List – Nordic collaboration for developing a common Nordic publication channel listGåsemyr, Kristin 
25-Oct-2017OCLC-euroCRIS Joint Survey of Research Information Management PracticesMennielli, Michele 
21-Nov-2017OCLC–euroCRIS Strategic Partnership and the Survey on Research Information Management PracticesBryant, Rebecca 
27-May-2011OCU's experience in adapting to the Spanish CV standard format (CVN)Rivera, Manuel ; Moreno, Roberto 
2015OMEGA-PSIR – A solution for implementing university research knowledge baseRybiński, Henryk ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Skonieczny, Łukasz 
Nov-2018Omega-PSIR: Institutional CRIS at Polish UniversitiesRybiński, Henryk ; Kubrak, Weronika ; Skonieczny, Łukasz ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Struk, Wacław 
22-Nov-2017OMEGA-PSIR: Institutional CRIS at Polish UniversitiesRybiński, Henryk ; Skonieczny, Łukasz ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Struk, Wacław 
9-Jun-2016On representing affiliations in the CERIF modelEngelmann, Alejandro ; Enkvist, Christer ; Syrén, Carl-Johan 
11-Feb-2021A one platform approach to research managementHackney, Jon