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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2012C4D (CERIF for Datasets) – An OverviewGinty, Kevin ; Kerridge, Simon ; Cranner, Paul ; McCutcheon, Valerie ; Clements, Anna 
10-Jun-2016Can machines understand what researchers look for? Conceptualizing the research worldGuillaumet, Anna 
22-Jun-2021Caplab: A shared national tool common to laboratories and their affiliated institutionsBougnague, Carine ; Pérotin, Pascal ; Mocquet, Bertrand 
9-Jun-2016Capturing the collaboration intensity of research institutions using social network analysisSchlattmann, Stefan 
27-May-2011The case for interoperability in CRIS solutionsMornati, Susanna 
22-Nov-2023The Case Study on ”European Integration of National-level services” of FAIRCORE4EOSCNikkanen, Joonas 
13-May-2014CASRAI and ORCID – Putting the pieces together to collaboratively support the research communityHaak, Laurel ; Baker, David ; Höllrigl, Thorsten 
13-May-2013CASRAI Data Profiles in CERIFJörg, Brigitte ; Höllrigl, Thorsten ; Baker, David 
21-Nov-2017The CASRAI EU-ChapterRibeiro, Lígia Maria 
9-Jun-2016CASRAI-UK: Using the CASRAI approach to develop standards for communicating and sharing research information in the UKMcCutcheon, Valerie ; Kerridge, Simon ; Grout, Catherine ; Clements, Anna ; Baker, David ; Newnham, Helen 
10-Nov-2016CASRAI: the Business Agreements Behind Technology InteroperabiltyClements, Anna 
11-Nov-2014The Catalan Research portal: collecting information from Catalan universities via CERIFRos i Gorné, Ramon ; Anglada, Lluís M. ; Reoyo, Sandra ; De la Vega, Ricard 
11-Nov-2015The Catalan Research Portal: ready to goRos i Gorné, Ramon 
27-Nov-2018Central systems for collecting data on science and higher education -- role and evolution in the light of the Polish LegislationMichajłowicz, Marek ; Paszkowska, Małgorzata 
Aug-2002CERIF - Information Retrieval of Research Information in a Distributed Heterogeneous EnvironmentLopatenko, Andrei ; Asserson, Anne ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
13-Nov-2013CERIF 1.5 Tutorial [Porto]Dvořák, Jan 
11-May-2015CERIF 1.6 Tutorial [Paris]Dvořák, Jan 
30-May-2017CERIF and CRIS Architectures Task Group: a reportDvořák, Jan ; Bollini, Andrea ; Rémy, Laurent 
31-Aug-2015CERIF API Entities XSD (v1.0)Houssos, Nikos ; Karaiskos, Dimitris 
31-Aug-2015CERIF API Header XSD (v1.0)Houssos, Nikos ; Karaiskos, Dimitris