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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2004Keep the Best – Forget the Rest? Towards Models for CRISs Integrating Heterogeneous InformationStempfhuber, Maximilian 
12-Sep-2011The key is metadataBaker, David 
10-Sep-2013Knowledge and Technology TransferCerle, Gaber 
26-Oct-2022La gestión de la información de investigación desde el CRIS SII-San Marcos: desafíos y oportunidadesDe Castro, Pablo 
20-Nov-2019Large Research Infrastructure Building using FAIR Digital ObjectsWittenburg, Peter 
5-Nov-2012Launching the new ORCID service for global author identificationGarcía Gómez, Consol 
9-Jun-2015LEAP: Adaptive technology in the ClassroomSyed, Ravi 
2015LEARNING TO LINK-IN Teaching undergraduate sport students how to professionally network via social media using a Pebblepad platformCameron, Andrea ; Maxwell, Carol ; Cobley, James 
13-May-2022Legal aspects and data protection in relation to the CRIS systemZendulková, Danica ; Azeroual, Otmane 
13-Jun-2014Let's do data research work: the creation of a portal with research information from Catalan UniversitiesRos i Gorné, Ramon ; Anglada, Lluís M. ; Reoyo, Sandra ; De la Vega, Ricard 
9-Jun-2016Let’s Talk : Interoperability between University CRIS/IR and Researchfish – a case study from the UKClements, Anna ; Viney, Ian ; Reddick, Gavin ; McCutcheon, Valerie ; Macandrew, Hamish ; Toon, James ; McArdle, Ian ; Collet, Sophie ; Wastl, Jürgen 
16-Jun-2018Let’s Talk Some More - Interoperability between University CRIS/IR and Researchfish – a follow up case study from the UKReddick, Gavin ; Clements, Anna ; McArdle, Ian 
11-Nov-2014Life Around a CRISMornati, Susanna ; Bollini, Andrea ; Mennielli, Michele 
11-Jun-2016Limitations of CRIS in assessing the progress of increasing research output in UrFUAkoev, Mark ; Leyba, Olga ; Golitsyn, Lev 
20-Nov-2019Linked Open Data for Current Research Information Systems (CRIS)Gantner, Florian K. ; Illig, Steffen ; Rumpf, Philipp H. 
12-May-2015(Linked) Open Data: issues and opportunities for researchersRousset, Marie-Christine 
8-Jun-2012Linking CRIS to EducationSchöpfel, Joachim ; Van Baelinghem, Marie-José ; Sparrow, Laurent 
15-Jun-2018Linking funding to research output and facilities through the Finnish Research Information HubPuuska, Hanna-Mari ; Rydman, Walter 
20-Nov-2019Linking normative data in ConverisWalther, Marcus ; Melsheimer, Bastian 
13-May-2022Linking research information within the knowledge portal - the Bridge of Knowledge services for researchersWałek, Anna ; Krajewski, Piotr