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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Oct-2017OCLC-euroCRIS Joint Survey of Research Information Management PracticesMennielli, Michele 
21-Nov-2017OCLC–euroCRIS Strategic Partnership and the Survey on Research Information Management PracticesBryant, Rebecca 
27-May-2011OCU's experience in adapting to the Spanish CV standard format (CVN)Rivera, Manuel ; Moreno, Roberto 
2015OMEGA-PSIR – A solution for implementing university research knowledge baseRybiński, Henryk ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Skonieczny, Łukasz 
Nov-2018Omega-PSIR: Institutional CRIS at Polish UniversitiesRybiński, Henryk ; Kubrak, Weronika ; Skonieczny, Łukasz ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Struk, Wacław 
22-Nov-2017OMEGA-PSIR: Institutional CRIS at Polish UniversitiesRybiński, Henryk ; Skonieczny, Łukasz ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Struk, Wacław 
9-Jun-2016On representing affiliations in the CERIF modelEngelmann, Alejandro ; Enkvist, Christer ; Syrén, Carl-Johan 
11-Feb-2021A one platform approach to research managementHackney, Jon 
2014Online game-enhanced teaching in game theoryBadeau-Mahmoud, Sonia ; Deloche, Regis ; Koscielniak, Thierry 
13-May-2014Open Access for Authors, Researchers and their InstitutionsHitchcock, Steve 
13-May-2004Open Access Portal to Scientific Data and ExpertiseMühlebach, Felix ; Poort, Jan 
26-May-2011Open Archive at the University of VeronaGabaldo, Maria 
30-May-2017The Open Data Pilot of the Dublin Institute of TechnologyDesmond, Yvonne 
7-Jun-2012Open Repository of Semantic LinkagesParinov, Sergey 
27-May-2011Open repository of semantic linkages at Socionet CRISParinov, Sergey 
13-May-2022Open Science Support with PureVan Haaren, Richard 
21-Nov-2017Open Science: the crucial importance of metadataSimons, Eduard 
4-Sep-2019Open to the public, proprietary inward: VIVO as public research portal on top of ConverisHerwig, Sebastian 
29-May-2019An "Open" discussion: Preliminary findings from an OCLC survey of open content costs and benefitsBryant, Rebecca 
7-Jun-2012OpenAIRE and OpenAIREplus: paving the way to Open Access scientific scholarly informationHoussos, Nikos ; Rettberg, Najla