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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2017P-O-P-F project in The Netherlands: using CERIF-XML for exchange of information about funded projectsSimons, Eduard 
13-Jun-2018Parallel publishing from Converis to DSpace using custom export and REST APINurminen, Miika ; Häyrinen, Ari 
5-Nov-2012Participation, Transparency, Compliance – Struggling for Acceptance: Implementing a CRIS in the Era of New Public ManagementFondermann, Philipp 
13-May-2014Particular experience in design and implementation of the CRIS in Russia: national specificityZelepukhina, Viktoria A. ; Danilova, Taisiya S. ; Burmistrov, Andrey S. ; Tarasevich, Yuri Yu. 
27-Nov-2018Patterns and Practices in Research Information Management: Findings from the OCLC/euroCRIS Global Survey on Research Information Management PracticesDortmund, Annette 
1-Dec-2022A Persistent Identifier Strategy for NWOCruz, Maria 
2-Dec-2022PeruCRIS national CRIS is liveGómez Razza, Víctor 
23-Nov-2020The #PeruCRIS ProjectOlivares-Poggi, César-Augusto 
13-May-2022PeruCRIS: Scope and progress in the implementation of the first release of the Peruvian CRIS platformCórdova, Claudia ; Gómez Razza, Víctor ; Del Carpio, Abel ; Talavera, Francisco 
10-Sep-2021PerúCRIS en el marco del desarrollo de sistemas CRIS de ámbito nacionalDe Castro, Pablo 
23-Nov-2020The PerúCRIS Project (II)Maza, Alfonso 
31-May-2023PID Network Germany – community building and national roadmap development across ten PID use casesCzerniak, Andreas ; Schirrwagen, Jochen 
11-May-2015Plans for joint Research Information System implementation at French Universities and Research InstitutionsThouy, Romain 
11-May-2014Plug-in labs: data transfer for innovationCorbin, Marie 
13-May-2013Polish Scholarly Bibliography: A first yearNowiński, Aleksander 
13-May-2022The Polish Scientific Bibliography (PBN) – its roots, usage, and mapping with Dublin Core and CERIF. A case study of the Jagiellonian UniversityLewoc, Leszek ; Szafrański, Leszek ; Masalski, Piotr 
10-Nov-2015The Port d'Informació Científica (PIC): Helping to turn information into knowledgeDelfino, Manuel 
26-May-2011PORTO: The Open Repository for Publications TORINO: Technical architecture of U-GOV Publications Archive and PORTO Open Repository PublicationsMorando, Maddalena 
9-Apr-2018The possible role of CERIF and CRISs for Open Access MonitoringDe Castro, Pablo ; Dvořák, Jan 
7-Jun-2018The (possible) role of Research Information Systems (CRIS) for an institution and its researchers. With special attention to research data management and archivingSimons, Eduard