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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2015R&D Information Service and the Library: managing the bridge between UPCommons and DRACRovira, Anna ; Miralles, Ramon 
9-Jun-2016R&D Statistics Information System: An Interoperability Tail between CERIF and SDMXKaraiskos, Dimitris ; Xinidis, Dimitris ; Bonis, Vasilis 
14-May-2014R-LINK: Research Content Linked Data CloudGhirardi, Nicola ; Scipione, Gabriella 
10-Jun-2019RCAAP Repositories Network - Promoting Interoperability with CRIS systemsCarvalho, Jose 
3-Jun-2010Reaching the Public of the Social Sciences - Experiences from Practice: the Support Action PLATON+Beltzung, Louise ; Bruhne, Annelies 
15-May-2014Recent work by the euroCRIS Best Practice/DRIS Task Group: A way forward for engaging with the CRIS CommunityDe Castro, Pablo ; Mennielli, Michele 
27-May-2020Recolección de la información científica “de abajo arriba”. El Sistema de Información Científica basado en PURE de la Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) en LimaDe Castro, Pablo 
28-May-2019Redefining Open – National Open Access Monitoring in FinlandIlva, Jyrki 
9-Jun-2016Regional Portal FVG: effective interoperability through DSpace-CRIS and open standardsPiščanc, Jordan ; Trampus, Romano ; Balbi, Luisa ; Mennielli, Michele ; Mornati, Susanna ; Pascarelli, Luigi Andrea ; Bollini, Andrea 
15-Jun-2018Regional Research Portal UnityFVG: an OpenScience portalPiščanc, Jordan ; Trampus, Romano ; Mornati, Susanna ; Bollini, Andrea 
10-Jun-2019Regional Research Portal UnityFVG: DSpace-CRIS interoperability with CERIF standardPiščanc, Jordan 
15-Jun-2018The registration of art and design research outcomes: Visualizing the invisible (Case study: The Flemish FRIS-registration format)Martens, Birgitte ; Van den Berghe, Steven 
12-Sep-2011Repositories for research information managementHorstmann, Wolfram 
2-Apr-2014Repositories, CRIS and CRIStin: the story so farAsserson, Anne 
10-Jun-2019Repository and CRIS interoperability issues within a 'connector lite' environmentMacgregor, George 
10-Jun-2019The Repository is the CRIS, and the CRIS is the RepositoryEvans, Jenny ; Summers, Ben 
13-May-2022Repository Landscape in Turkey and GCRIS: The first National Research Information SystemTuglular, Tugkan ; Gurdal, Gultekin ; Kafali Can, Gonual ; Ozdemirden, Ahmet Semsettin 
15-Jun-2018Research assessment and evaluation in Russian fundamental scienceKosyakov, Denis ; Guskov, Andrey 
19-Nov-2019Research Classifications: Three major principlesGüdler, Jürgen 
15-Jun-2018The Research Core Dataset (KDSF) in Linked Data contextWalther, Tatiana ; Hauschke, Christian ; Kasprzik, Anna