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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20155/10 ‘Must try harder': applying technology to the management of assessment and feedbackFerrell, Gill ; Gray, Lisa 
2015Academic e-learning experience in the enhancement of open access audiovisual and media educationPacholak, Anna ; Sidor, Dorota 
2015Accommodating MOOCs into HEI: is blended-learning the solution?Martínez, Juan Antonio ; Campuzano, Joaquim 
Nov-2018The Added Value of a CRIS in Archiving Research Data and Registering Data Management Plans. A Case Study of Radboud University and the National Data Archive DANS, the NetherlandsJetten, Mijke ; Slouwerhof, Inge 
2015Ad–hoc Workflows for Higher EducationMartinho, David ; Coelho, Samuel ; Guerra e Silva, Luis ; Carvalho, João Carlos ; Severo, Rita ; Cruz, Luis ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Ventura, Artur ; Santos, Pedro ; Barata, Ricardo 
2015Agile and more: A successful redesign of ICT-infrastructure information exchange in higher education in The NetherlandsOtten, Jan ; van der Geest, Monique ; Buising, Wiebe 
2014Blowing backwards into the future of ICT in education?Norberg, Anders ; Jahnke, Isa 
2015Building an IT-ecosystem of services and exploiting agile methodsOrama, Tuomas ; Lavikainen, Mika ; Rannila, Jaakko 
2015Building Service Platforms using OpenStack and CEPH: A University Cloud at Humboldt UniversityDreyer, Malte ; Döbler, Jens ; Rohde, Daniel 
2015CIOs at German Universities – a Survey by ZKIvon der Heyde, Markus ; Wimmer, Martin ; Hotzel, Hartmut 
1-Feb-2018Data Quality Measures and Data Cleansing for Research Information SystemsAzeroual, Otmane ; Saake, Gunter ; Abuosba, Mohammad 
2015Developing an open architecture for learning analyticsSclater, Niall ; Berg, Alan ; Webb, Michael 
2015Digital Assessment in higher education in NorwayBarstadt, Freddy ; Strømdal, Magnus 
2014Digital didactical designs: Re-imagining designs for teaching and learning using media tabletsJahnke, Isa ; Olsson, Andreas ; Norberg, Anders ; Norqvist, Lars 
2015An enterprise innovation: University of Reading Video Publishing SystemTze Wan Wong, David ; Mann, Phebe 
2015EUNIS 2015: ID Point – User identificationKalske, Maria 
2015EUNIS Congress’ 21st Birthday – A Historical Perspective on its ProceedingsBergström, Johan ; Wilson, Noel 
Nov-2018From Data Collection to FAIR Use in CRIS. The Case of University of ViennaMiniberger, Clemens ; Reding, Steve 
2014The importance of students' collaboration in the improvement of new learning environmentsLopes Pinto, Maria ; Marques, Eva ; Valente, Luis 
30-Nov-2017Improving the Data Quality in the Research Information SystemsAzeroual, Otmane ; Abuosba, Mohammad