Events 11th euroCRIS Strategic Seminar

11th euroCRIS Strategic Seminar
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"Metadata in Research Information Systems"
There is a recent strong interest with many communities considering how best to manage their research information (RI). For strategic management, but also for evaluation, knowledge and technology transfer, RI management is an essential requirement. Increasingly, the research output system beyond research publications is broadened towards research products such as datasets and software and expanding to research outcomes and impact. Research Information Systems (CRISs) and in particular CERIF are increasingly recognised as a powerful means with respect to advanced metadata management. euroCRIS has developed inter-conversion services to/from CERIF with the most-used metadata standards reinforcing the position of CERIF as an interoperation standard for RI and CRISs. Nonetheless there is room for the evolution of CERIF to meet new emerging requirements. The aim of this euroCRIS Strategic Seminar is to convene key stakeholders and discuss the needs and forthcoming challenges in this context.
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Auditorium Maria Baers, Brussels
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euroCRIS Strategic Seminar