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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-May-2014The application of the CERIF data format to Snowball MetricsClements, Anna ; Jörg, Brigitte ; Lingjærde, Grete Christina ; Chudlarský, Tomáš ; Colledge, Lisa 
214-May-2014Black Magic Meta Data - get a glimpse behind the sceneVestdam, Thomas ; Rasmussen, Henrik Steen ; Doornenbal, Marius 
313-May-2014BoRIS and BIA: CRIS and Institutional Repository integration at the Free University of Bozen-BolzanoSiciliano, Luigi ; Schmidt, Sabine ; Kinzler, Manuel 
413-May-2014CASRAI and ORCID – Putting the pieces together to collaboratively support the research communityHaak, Laurel ; Baker, David ; Höllrigl, Thorsten 
515-May-2014CERIF – Is the standard helping to improve CRIS?Pinto, Carlos Sousa ; Simões, Cláudia ; Amaral, Luis 
614-May-2014Combining VIVO and Google Scholar data as sources for CERIF Linked Data: A case in the agricultural domainNogales, Alberto ; Sicilia, Miguel Angel ; Jörg, Brigitte 
713-May-2014Common Map of Academia: augmenting bibliography research information dataJurkiewicz, Jakub ; Wendykier, Piotr ; Wojciechowski, Krzysztof ; Fedoryszak, Mateusz ; Dendek, Piotr Jan 
814-May-2014A comparison of research output counting methods using a national CRIS – effects at the institutional levelChudlarský, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Jan ; Souček, Martin 
913-May-2014Current bibliography research information systems in PolandNowiński, Aleksander 
1015-May-2014CyberLeninka: Open Access and CRIS trends leading to Open Science in RussiaSemyachkin, Dmitry ; Kislyak, Eugene ; Sergeev, Michael 
1114-May-2014Data Intensive Science: Shades of GreyJeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne 
1213-May-2014Deceiving simplicity. Balancing the need for ready-to-use research information with the semantic and technical complexity of research dataVanhaverbeke, Hannelore ; Beullens, Sabina ; Timmermans, Lieve ; Gijsbers, Klara ; Bras, Bieke ; Maeyaert, Christelle 
1314-May-2014Developing a documentation system for evaluating the societal impact of ScienceWolf, Birge ; Szerencsits, Manfred ; Gaus, Hansjörg ; Müller, Christoph E. ; Heß, Jürgen 
1414-May-2014Developing CRIS module for technology transferNevolin, Ivan ; Kozyrev, Anatoly 
1513-May-2014DSpace-CRIS@HKU: Achieving visibility with a CERIF compliant Open Source SystemPalmer, David T. ; Bollini, Andrea ; Mornati, Susanna ; Mennielli, Michele 
1614-May-2014Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Current Research Information SystemsSchöpfel, Joachim ; Zendulková, Danica ; Fatemi, Omid 
1714-May-2014Emerging good practice in managing research data and research information within UK UniversitiesDavidson, Joy ; Molloy, Laura ; Jones, Sarah ; Kejser, Ulla Bøgvad 
1814-May-2014Epistemio Outcomes - a lightweight CRIS for collecting and managing information about scientific publicationsFlorian, Răzvan Valentin 
1913-May-2014EPOS: a novel use of CERIF for data intensive scienceBailo, Daniele ; Jeffery, Keith G. 
2014-May-2014European University Information Systems Organisation: EUNISMadey, Jan