Events Membership Meeting 2013 – Autumn (Porto)

Membership Meeting 2013 – Autumn (Porto)
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Membership meeting


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Nov-2013ACUMEN Portfolio: Resources for Evaluation of Individual ResearchersTatum, Clifford ; Wouters, Paul 
215-Nov-2013An application of semantic linkage technique within a CRISParinov, Sergey 
314-Nov-2013Authenticus – Enabling the Identification and Validation of Portuguese Scientific PublicationsSilva, Fernando 
413-Nov-2013CERIF 1.5 Tutorial [Porto]Dvořák, Jan 
515-Nov-2013The CERIF-based EuroRIs-Net+ ObservatoryHoussos, Nikos ; Karaiskos, Dimitris 
615-Nov-2013DSpace-CRIS: an open source solutionMornati, Susanna ; Bollini, Andrea 
714-Nov-2013Eco-systems of research information systems: a global perspectiveMoreira, João Mendes 
814-Nov-2013ENGAGE project: a short updateBrasse, Valérie 
914-Nov-2013euroCRIS in a Nutshell: Overview and Report from the BoardSimons, Eduard 
10Nov-2013euroCRIS membership meeting programme: Autumn 2013 (Porto)
1114-Nov-2013The experience of faculty evaluation in the University of Porto: Pros and cons of using an integrated academic information systemOliveira, José Fernando ; Almeida, Hélder ; Silva, Mónica 
1214-Nov-2013The FCT Information System: services provided to support scientific research. The perspective of a Portuguese national funding agency for science and researchMeireles, Paula 
1315-Nov-2013Institutional CRIS implementation in Europe: one goal, different strategies and speedsDe Castro, Pablo 
1414-Nov-2013Interoperability around repositories: RCAAP servicesCarvalho, José 
1514-Nov-2013Modular and Extensible CRIS with SIIUE/R&DMadeira, Nelson 
1614-Nov-2013National CRIS development in FinlandKaitera, Aija 
1714-Nov-2013The need for science management and benchmarking tools in PortugalFerreira, Paulo J. S. G. 
1814-Nov-2013Publishing structural health monitoring dataCosta, Fábio ; David, Gabriel ; Cunha, Álvaro 
1914-Nov-2013A risk management approach to data preservationVieira, Ricardo 
2015-Nov-2013UKRISS Core Information Reporting Profile, Harmonisation, CERIF, euroCRIS, CASRAIJörg, Brigitte