Events Membership Meeting 2017 – Spring (Dublin)

Membership Meeting 2017 – Spring (Dublin)
Events Title
The (expanding) functionality and position of CRISs today
Start date
End date
Dublin, Ireland
Event Type
Membership Meeting


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
131-May-2017Blockchain: a suitable technology in a Research Information context?Van Grootel, Geert 
230-May-2017CERIF and CRIS Architectures Task Group: a reportDvořák, Jan ; Bollini, Andrea ; Rémy, Laurent 
329-May-2017CERIF Tutorial: euroCRIS Spring 2017 membership meeting DublinDvořák, Jan 
431-May-2017CRIS interoperability in the UK: developing solutions for Open Access and Research Data ManagementBurland, Tamsin 
530-May-2017The Digital Repository of IrelandO'Carroll, Aileen 
630-May-2017euroCRIS Business Session - Membership Meeting DublinSimons, Eduard 
729-May-2017euroCRIS Membership Meeting programme: Spring 2017 (Dublin)
830-May-2017Fifteen Years of Research Information Management in IrelandBrennan, Niamh 
931-May-2017The German DINI Working Group on Research Information Systems: Current developmentsEbert, Barbara 
1031-May-2017Integrating Data Management Plan functionality in the CRISSimons, Eduard 
1130-May-2017National planning for Open ResearchClarke, Patricia 
1230-May-2017The Open Data Pilot of the Dublin Institute of TechnologyDesmond, Yvonne 
1331-May-2017An ORCID based synchronization framework for a national CRIS ecosystemMoreira, João Mendes 
1431-May-2017The role of academic libraries and CRIS: OCLC and euroCRIS working togetherClements, Anna 
1531-May-2017SIGMA Research: The ultimate solution for the whole research lifecycleGuillaumet, Anna 
1631-May-2017SIGMA's Bibliometrics ProjectGuillaumet, Anna 
1731-May-2017Towards the integration of European research informationPuuska, Hanna-Mari ; Pölönen, Janne ; Engels, Tim ; Sivertsen, Gunnar 
1831-May-2017The transition of FRIS 1.0 towards FRIS 2.0: Focus on semantic interoperabilityVancauwenbergh, Sadia 
1931-May-2017An Update on DSpace-CRIS by 4ScienceMornati, Susanna ; Bollini, Andrea 
2030-May-2017Using a CRIS to allocate research funding based on research outputsCleere, Liam