Events OR19 Workshop on Repository/CRIS Interoperability

OR19 Workshop on Repository/CRIS Interoperability
The pre-Open Repositories 2019 Conference Workshop on Repository/CRIS Interoperability and Integration was jointly organised by euroCRIS and DuraSpace to provide an up-to-date snapshot of the current landscape on CRIS/IR interoperability. The event was divided in two sessions, a morning one (09:00-12:30) to explore the technical challenges posed by the need to make repositories and CRIS systems interoperable or, in some cases, fully integrated, and an afternoon one (13:30-17:00) to address the multiple applications of interoperable repository/CRIS workflows in areas like metadata management for publications and data, the provision of funding information across platforms or the introduction of a growing range of persistent identifiers. Both sessions featured a number of case studies followed by a panel discussion among the presenters and a Q&A with the session audience.
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110-Jun-2019The Repository is the CRIS, and the CRIS is the RepositoryEvans, Jenny ; Summers, Ben 
210-Jun-2019A staged path to fully integrated CRIS & RepositorySummers, Ben ; Evans, Jenny