Events 8th Omega-PSIR User Group meeting

8th Omega-PSIR User Group meeting
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8th Seminar of University Knowledge Bases
Organized annually since 2014 The Seminar of University Knowledge Bases, is a meeting point for scientists, librarians, university managers responsible for research and people creating scientific information systems. From the first edition, the seminar became an important forum for discussion of various topics related to CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and their implementation at universities.

The conference was initiated by the Institute of Computer Science of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Main Library of the Warsaw University of Technology. Since 2017, the conference has been co-organized by the Sages company, responsible for the implementation of the Omega-PSIR system at various Polish universities.

Initially the main aim of the conference was to exchange views and experiences of the creators of Omega-PSIR with the teams implementing the system at their universities, scientists and specialists in the field of science evaluation. From 2018 the formula of the meetings expanded and currently it covers management problems related to scientific research and a variety of issues related with the evaluation of scientific achievements.

The commitment of the organizers of the Seminar, as well as the universities to cooperate with EuroCRIS, has resulted in the fact that the conference took an international dimension, and it is now the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe, devoted to various issues related to science management.
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Virtual event (Warsaw-hosted)
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