Events CRIS2022 – Dubrovnik

CRIS2022 – Dubrovnik
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Linking Research Information Across Data Spaces
The CRIS 2022 conference addresses recent trends in the significance, position and use of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) and more specifically the opportunities they offer for research information exchange and aggregation across institutions, regions, countries and/or stakeholders (eg between institutions and research funders). For this purpose, the conference gathers researchers, managers of research-performing or funding organisations, evaluators, librarians, research administrators, ICT experts and policy makers.

The general theme of the conference is “Linking research information across data spaces”, emphasising the need for using the ever more widespread CRIS implementation to ensure smooth and effective mechanisms for research information exchange and aggregation. From Open Science implementation to business intelligence through research assessment, such interoperability mechanisms offer opportunities to improve the research information management processes in many different domains.
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Dubrovnik (Croatia)
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-May-2022360° review of a CRIS environment and recommendations to increase the value of the system – a case study from Aalborg UniversityRasmussen, Henrik Steen 
213-May-2022Building the Ukrainian Research Information SystemKaliuzhna, Nataliia ; Auhunas, Sabina 
311-May-2022CERIF Tutorial: CRIS2022 DubrovnikDvořák, Jan 
413-May-2022Chances and challenges of creating a research information platform for the Berlin University AllianceAlshawaf, Fadwa ; Adam, Claudia ; Guescini, Rolf ; Kotschka, Florian ; Dreyer, Malte 
513-May-2022The changing scope of data quality and fit for purpose: evolution and adaptation of a CRIS solutionGurney, Thomas 
613-May-2022Combining Data Lake and Data Wrangling for Ensuring Data Quality in CRISAzeroual, Otmane ; Schöpfel, Joachim ; Ivanović, Dragan ; Nikiforova, Anastasija 
713-May-2022Competency requirements in research information management and reporting: evidence from a national survey in GermanySchelske, Stefan ; Thiedig, Christoph 
813-May-2022Data Integration for the Study of Outstanding Productivity in Biomedical ResearchAubert, Clément ; Balas, Andrew ; Townsend, Tiffany ; Sleeper, Noah ; Tran, CJ 
912-May-2022The Data4RI Policy Initiative and the do's of National Research PortalsSchlag, Paul 
1013-May-2022Decentralization and duplication: Research information management in the United StatesBryant, Rebecca ; De Castro, Pablo 
1112-May-2022Developing a national science & technology funding registry in PortugalLaranjeira, Cátia ; Nabais, Joana ; Gomes, Daniel ; Lopes. Pedro ; Moreira, João Mendes 
1214-May-2022Development and characterisation of CRIS systems in Latin America: Preliminary results of diagnostic surveyVázquez Tapia, Rosalina 
1313-May-2022Digital Science - Advancing the Research EcosystemZotz-Wilson, Jekaterina 
1413-May-2022The Evolution of the Pure Community Module: How lessons learned from national, regional, and subject-focused use cases have been used to support inter-institutional collaborationToon, James 
1512-May-2022Extending the value of a CRIS with Research Data ManagementFarinelli, Chiara ; Zigoni, Alberto 
1612-May-2022The Hércules Project: An UpdateHernández Mora Martínez, Reyes 
1713-May-2022How to find confidence in Openness? Boost your safety and securityBuso, Irene 
1813-May-2022Implementing a web-based Research Information System as a tool for Knowledge management and Performance Monitoring at the Institut Pasteur de TunisHadhri, Najet ; Bsibes, Raghda ; Ferchichi, Asma ; Karrouche, Eya 
1912-May-2022Implementing CRIS Interfaces with RIS Synergy: Challenges and Opportunities of a Multidisciplinary Bottom-Up ApproachNeff, Sabine ; Hartmann, Simone ; Hicker, Ulrike ; Erat, Vanessa ; Fürst, Elena 
2013-May-2022Open Science Support with PureVan Haaren, Richard