Events EUNIS 2023 Annual Conference

EUNIS 2023 Annual Conference
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European Universities and the Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
Under the main theme “European Universities and the digital transformation: Challenges and opportunities ahead”, EUNIS 2023 will certainly be a special occasion to meet again, to listen, to discuss and to share information about how technology is changing the future of higher education.

EUNIS is the European University Information Systems organisation. Its mission is to help member institutions develop their information technology landscape by sharing knowledge and experience and working together. The annual conference will encompass the objectives of EUNIS, which are to contribute to the development of high quality information systems and ICT infrastructure in higher Education in Europe.
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Vigo (Spain)
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2023Beyond CRIS: A research and higher education information system in PolandTomczyńska, Aldona ; Ostrowska, Sylwia ; Protasiewicz, Jarosław ; Podwysocki, Emil 
2Jun-2023Information technology systems that support science and higher education RAD-on: Reports, analyses, dataBiałas, Marcin ; Błaszczyk, Łukasz ; Dadas, Sławomir ; Knapińska, Anna ; Mirończuk, Marcin ; Ostrowska, Sylwia ; Podwysocki, Emil ; Tomczyńska, Aldona 
315-Jun-2023Research Information Management (RIM)/Current Research Information (CRIS) Systems for Research Organizations: A Project Brief from the Open-Source VIVO CommunityGuillaumet, Anna ; Ivanović, Dragan ; Herbert, Bruce 
415-Jun-2023Research Information Management Systems: covering the whole research lifecycleDe Castro, Pablo ; Puuska, Hanna-Mari 
515-Jun-2023The Role of Universities in the Implementation of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs)De Castro, Pablo ; Herb, Ulrich ; Rothfritz, Laura ; Schöpfel, Joachim