Events CRIS2024 – Vienna

CRIS2024 – Vienna
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16th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems
CRIS 2024 is the sixteenth edition in a biennial series of conferences devoted to improving the availability of and access to research information systems across Europe. The target audience includes managers of research-performing and/or funding institutions, evaluators, librarians, ICT experts, as well as policy makers.

The general theme of the conference is “Emerging trends for international collaboration in the CRIS domain”, highlighting the opportunities and challenges posed by an increasing internationalisation of the conversation around research information management in areas like Open Science, National Research Portals or Artificial Intelligence. The venue for the event is ideally placed in Central Europe to allow participants from all quarters to become involved in these discussions.
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TU Wien, Vienna, Austria


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-May-2024CERIF Tutorial: CRIS2024 ViennaIvanović, Dragan 
217-May-2024CRIS2024: An Update from the euroCRIS BoardDvořák, Jan 
317-May-2024Development of a culture on Research Data Management: experiences from the international RDMS-LatAm ProjectMachado Rivero, Manuel Osvaldo ; Vancauwenbergh, Sadia ; Olivera Batista, Dianelis ; Limaymanta Álvarez, César Halley ; Ballivian Blanco, Andrea ; García Cartaya, Arelexys Antonia ; Peralta González, María Josefa ; Chávez, Georgina Aurelia ; Gonzales Cam, Celso Morelan ; Amado Tineo, José Percy ; Salvatierra Melgar, Angel ; Goovaerts, Marc ; Vlietinck, Hanne ; Meneses Placeres, Grizly 
417-May-2023Development of National CRIS Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Case Studies 2023Vázquez Tapia, Rosalina 
515-May-2024e-Infrastructures for Research and EducationHanslik, Stefan 
615-May-2024Improving Data Management Planning through service integration: a hands-on tutorial using DAMAPStork, Christiane ; Molnar, Derek ; Miksa, Tomasz ; Futterer, Valentin ; Eckhard, David ; Thaci, Laura 
717-May-2024Research Information System for Scientific Evaluation in Cuban UniversitiesSuárez Fernández, Digna ; Peralta González, María Josefa ; Leiva Mederos, Amed ; Piedra Salomón, Yelina ; Caballero Feria, Daykenis ; Montero O'Farril, José Luis 
816-May-2024Transforming the Research Landscape: The Intersection of Open Science, Open Infrastructure and CRISManola, Natalia 
917-May-2024What could current research information be used for?Schneider, Jens