Events CRIS2024 – Vienna

CRIS2024 – Vienna
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16th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems
CRIS 2024 is the sixteenth edition in a biennial series of conferences devoted to improving the availability of and access to research information systems across Europe. The target audience includes managers of research-performing and/or funding institutions, evaluators, librarians, ICT experts, as well as policy makers.

The general theme of the conference is “Emerging trends for international collaboration in the CRIS domain”, highlighting the opportunities and challenges posed by an increasing internationalisation of the conversation around research information management in areas like Open Science, National Research Portals or Artificial Intelligence. The venue for the event is ideally placed in Central Europe to allow participants from all quarters to become involved in these discussions.
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TU Wien, Vienna, Austria


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6115-May-2024Striking a Balance: Bridging Needs and Researcher Convenience Through Interactions Between Researchers, Administration and IT ToolsFreygner, Petra ; Hartmann, Simone ; Miniberger, Clemens ; Neff, Sabine 
6215-May-2024Systematic Analysis of National CRIS on the euroCRIS DRIS to Inform the Development of the Ukrainian National CRIS URISShapovalov, Yevhenii ; Lutay, Larysa ; Auhunas, Sabina ; Shapovalov, Viktor ; De Castro, Pablo 
6315-May-2024Systems use to support research contracts managementRoberts, Angharad ; Johnson, Rob ; King, Dan 
6415-May-2024TeslaRIS: Reengineering of CRIS at the University of Novi SadMršulja, Ivan ; Popović, Miloš ; Ivanović, Dragan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Surla, Dušan 
6515-May-2024Testing Strategies for the National CRISrael CommunityLazar-Shoef, Tzipy 
6616-May-2024Thinker - a manufacturing company CRISVasin, Miroslava ; Popović, Miloš ; Mršulja, Ivan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Ivanović, Dragan 
6716-May-2024Transforming the Research Landscape: The Intersection of Open Science, Open Infrastructure and CRISManola, Natalia 
6815-May-2024Utilizing Existing Data Resources and Open Infrastructures: The Implementation of CRIS in Serbia (eNauka)Kosanović, Biljana ; Otasević, Vladimir ; Stijović, Dusan 
6916-May-2024Vytautas Magnus University Research Management System: A CRIS solution shared with other universities in LithuaniaKučiukas, Vilius ; Bloveščiūnienė, Lina 
7017-May-2024What could current research information be used for?Schneider, Jens 
7116-May-2024What to integrate within Research Information SystemRybiński, Henryk ; Koperwas, Jakub ; Skonieczny, Łukasz ; Wasiluk, Michał