Corcho, Oscar
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I am Associate Professor at Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid (UPM), and I am currently involved in three major activities: - I lead a team of 15 people (including post-docs, PhD students and software engineers) at the Ontology Engineering Group. - I am involved at the Center for Open Middleware, a joint research centre between Banco Santander and UPM. - I co-founded LocaliData in 2013, a spin-off that aims at obtaining added value from the combination of open and closed data in the context of medium and large smart cities (http://www.localidata.com/). My work is mainly focused on applied research in the areas of Linked Data, Semantic e-Science and the Real World Internet, and I have also wide experience in Ontology Engineering. In these areas, I have participated, and led, a good number of EU and Spanish R&D projects, together with other knowledge-transfer projects funded by international companies and public organisations. I am also teaching one of the courses at the Master on Business Analytics and Big Data at Instituto de Empresa (http://mbd.ie.edu/), and have taught several courses on Open Data for civil servants, city information managers and data reusers. Previously, I worked as a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Manchester, and as a research manager at iSOCO. I also took part in LikeCube, a startup working on personalised recommendation that was acquired by TimeOut in July 2011. Specialties: Linked Data, SPARQL, RDF, Ontologies, data streams, e-Science, R&D management
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