Sudlow, Allan
Relevant Skills and Experience Science engagement: strategy development; event programming and management; partnership building and stakeholder consultation; advocacy and outreach; communication campaign planning and delivery; evaluation and reporting. Research: practice; policy; strategy; information access and use; horizon-scanning; requirements gathering and analysis; peer review and impact evaluation. Management: teams, programmes, projects and portfolios; grant funding and corporate budgets; commissioning and consultancy; business planning, reporting and evaluation; user-driven product development; advisory and steering board membership
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jun-2012UKRISS – Feasibility study and proof-of-concept for a shared research information reporting service based on CERIFWaddington, Simon ; Gartner, Richard ; Sudlow, Allan ; Walshe, Karen ; Scoble, Rosa ; Mitchell, Lorna ; Jones, Richard ; Jeffery, Keith G. ; Trowell, Stephen