Guillaumet, Anna
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2023Research Information Management (RIM)/Current Research Information (CRIS) Systems for Research Organizations: A Project Brief from the Open-Source VIVO CommunityGuillaumet, Anna ; Ivanović, Dragan ; Herbert, Bruce 
216-May-2024The power of generative AI for CRIS systems: a new paradigm for scientific information managementGuillaumet, Anna ; Andrés, Aurelia 
314-May-2022Impact of PhD students' research activity on CRIS systemsGuillaumet, Anna ; Tomàs, Roger 
413-May-2022CERIF-VIVO mapping v1.0Ivanović, Dragan ; Hauschke, Christian ; Walther, Tatiana ; Guillaumet, Anna