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16-Jun-2018FAIRness at University of Novi Sad - Discoverability of PhD research results for Non-Serbian scientific communityIvanović, Dragan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Layfield, Colin 
15-May-2014Multi-interoperable CRIS repositoryIvanović, Dragan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Surla, Bojana Dimić 
15-May-2024TeslaRIS: Reengineering of CRIS at the University of Novi SadMršulja, Ivan ; Popović, Miloš ; Ivanović, Dragan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Surla, Dušan 
16-May-2024Thinker - a manufacturing company CRISVasin, Miroslava ; Popović, Miloš ; Mršulja, Ivan ; Ivanović, Lidija ; Ivanović, Dragan