Welcome to the euroCRIS DSpace CRIS digital repository

The euroCRIS DSpace CRIS is the digital portal where outputs from all euroCRIS discussion and dissemination activities are stored and offered in free access form. These include among others euroCRIS: membership meetings, strategic seminars and CRIS Conferences, together with the outputs of different euroCRIS Task Group activities.

The underlying open source DSpace CRIS platform combines the agile open access content management provided by DSpace with additional CERIF-compliant CRIS features (CRIS:Current Research Information System) built on top.

Research outputs

CRIS2018 slides available

The presentations delivered at the June 14-16 CRIS2018 conference in Umeå are gradually being added to the appropriate repository items as we receive them from the authors. A specific page has been created at the euroCRIS website listing the slides that are still missing. If yours are tagged as missing, please send them to eurocris [at] eurocris.org so that we can add them. This request also covers the slides presented at the June 13th DuraSpace-euroCRIS Interoperability Event.

Extended abstracts for the CRIS2018 contributions

The final CRIS2018 programme has now been released. The accepted contributions for the conference have been linked on the programme to the extended abstracts submitted by the authors, which are available in the repository.

euroCRIS presentation at the OpenAIRE CZ National WS

The slides for the presentation 'OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers' delivered by Jan Dvořák at the OpenAIRE National Workshop for the Czech Republic held in Prague on Apr 26th, 2018 are now openly available.

Preliminary findings from the OCLC/euroCRIS Survey of RIM Practices

The slides delivered by Rebecca Bryant (OCLC Research) at the 24th Annual EARMA Conference in Brussels are already available. More presentations for the findings of the OCLC/euroCRIS survey will follow (including at the CRIS2018 conference), and a full report will eventually be produced and published by OCLC.