Welcome to the euroCRIS DSpace CRIS digital repository

The euroCRIS DSpace CRIS is the digital portal where outputs from all euroCRIS discussion and dissemination activities are stored and offered in free access form. These include among others euroCRIS: membership meetings, strategic seminars and CRIS Conferences, together with the outputs of different euroCRIS Task Group activities.

The underlying open source DSpace CRIS platform combines the agile open access content management provided by DSpace with additional CERIF-compliant CRIS features (CRIS:Current Research Information System) built on top.

Research outputs

Slides and session recordings for the 2020 euroCRIS series of webinars

The presentations and session recordings for the series of five euroCRIS webinars held during the week of Nov 23-27, 2020 are already available and have been linked from the programme webpage for the series of webinars. All the slides have been stored in a specific collection in the euroCRIS repository.

Another successful euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting

We have just held our Autumn 2019 strategic membership meeting in Münster and we are now busy making available the event presentations in our repository, starting with those that are proving most valued in our event satisfaction survey. All the slides presented in the meeting will eventually be added in.

Slides for the OR19 repository/CRIS interoperability workshop

The presentations delivered at the Jun 10th repository/CRIS interoperability workshop jointly held by euroCRIS and DuraSpace within the Open Repositories 2019 conference in Hamburg are already available in the repository. The workshop programme included two sets of case studies on the technical challenges and the practical applications of system interoperability, each of them followed by a panel discussion.

Helsinki membership meeting presentations online

The slides presented at the May 27-29, 2019 Spring 2019 euroCRIS membership meeting in Espoo/Helsinki have already been deposited in the repository. The CSC-hosted event included a developers' workshop on the implementation of the OpenAIRE CERIF-XML Guidelines and saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between euroCRIS and OpenAIRE.