Welcome to the euroCRIS DSpace CRIS digital repository

The euroCRIS DSpace CRIS is the digital portal where outputs from all euroCRIS discussion and dissemination activities are stored and offered in free access form. These include among others euroCRIS: membership meetings, strategic seminars and CRIS Conferences, together with the outputs of different euroCRIS Task Group activities.

The underlying open source DSpace CRIS platform combines the agile open access content management provided by DSpace with additional CERIF-compliant CRIS features (CRIS:Current Research Information System) built on top.

Research outputs

Extended abstracts for CRIS2024 presentations available

The extended abstracts accepted for the May 15-17, 2024 CRIS2024 Conference in Vienna are currently being deposited in the euroCRIS repository and linked from the online event programme. This will allow attendees to the conference to know more about these papers and to choose what parallel sessions they may find more interesting. The slides delivered at the conference will also be eventually added to the records.

Presentations delivered at the Spring 2023 euroCRIS Membership Meeting in Brussels

Four years after the last in-person Spring membership meeting before the pandemic was held at CSC in Espoo-Helsinki, the Spring 2023 meeting was held in Brussels from May 30 to Jun 1, 2023. The presentations delivered at the event are already available in the repository.

Presentations available for the Autumn 2022 Strategic Membership Meeting in Nijmegen

Three years after the last face-to-face Autumn SMM in Münster, the SMM2022Nijmegen was held as an in person event from Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2022. The presentations delivered at the event are already available in the repository. These include an overview of the 20 years of euroCRIS history as presented by the former euroCRIS President Ed Simons.