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17-Jun-2018CRIS systems as key e-infrastructure elements to support Open Science implementation within the European Research AreaBrennan, Niamh 
28-May-2019FAIR already? Principles of reusability and research output – evaluation at a national levelLindelöw, Camilla 
22-Nov-2023FAIRCORE4EOSC and the Metadata Schema and Crosswalk RegistrySuominen, Tommi 
1-Dec-2022FAIRCORE4EOSC: Developing EOSC Core components to enable a FAIR EOSC ecosystemSuominen, Tommi 
13-May-2022Flanders Research Information Space: an indispensable regional CRIS system to efficiently monitor progress in open scienceNeyens, Evy ; Poelmans, Hanne ; Vancauwenbergh, Sadia 
20-Nov-2019Large Research Infrastructure Building using FAIR Digital ObjectsWittenburg, Peter 
21-Nov-2017Open Science: the crucial importance of metadataSimons, Eduard 
28-May-2019Research data – forever FAIR: Finnish perspectiveForsström, Pirjo-Leena 
15-Jun-2018The role of CRIS’s in the research life cycle. A case study on implementing a FAIR RDM policy at Radboud University, the NetherlandsJetten, Mijke ; Rijnders, Jan ; Simons, Eduard 
10-Nov-2016Towards a Model for FAIR Data Information InfrastructuresTerheggen, Caspar ; Simons, Eduard 
9-Nov-2016Towards increasing interoperability of Research Information Systems: the view of Science EuropeGale, Emily 
16-May-2024Transforming the Research Landscape: The Intersection of Open Science, Open Infrastructure and CRISManola, Natalia