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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2016FRIS R3 - CERIF XML in large scale exchange of research informationVestdam, Thomas ; Plauborg, Brian ; Van Campe, Leen 
11-Nov-2014FRIS: a Research Information Infrastructure in Flanders. Integrating the Aspects of Interoperability, Policy and GovernanceVan Grootel, Geert 
9-Jun-2012From a national CRIS along the road to Green Open Access – and back again: Building infrastructure from CRIStin to Institutional Repositories in NorwayWenaas, Lars ; Karlstrøm, Nina ; Vatnan, Tore 
11-May-2006From CRIS to CRIS: Integration and InteroperabilityHornbostel, Stefan 
Nov-2018From Data Collection to FAIR Use in CRIS. The Case of University of ViennaMiniberger, Clemens ; Reding, Steve 
22-Nov-2017From data collection to FAIR use in CRIS. The case of University of ViennaMiniberger, Clemens ; Reding, Steve 
10-Sep-2012From Data to Knowledge: the CODATA-O3D approach. Research data beyond 2020Cutting-Decelle, Anne-Françoise ; Caliste, Jean-Pierre ; Vazille, Robert 
10-May-2010From Gutenberg to Berners-Lee: the Need for MetadataSimons, Eduard 
13-May-2014From Open Data to Data-Intensive Science through CERIFJeffery, Keith G. ; Asserson, Anne ; Houssos, Nikos ; Brasse, Valérie ; Jörg, Brigitte 
16-Jun-2018From PURE to DSpace-CRISWeidt, Gunnar ; Goldschmidt, Oliver ; Rajski, Beate 
19-Jul-2018Fund@net FAIR Data: InteroperabilidadPérez Nicomedes, Carlos 
12-Nov-2014Fund@net Research Information Management SuiteAlciturri Gandarillas, Vicente 
15-Aug-2013The future of CRIS systems - an interplay with VIVOVestdam, Thomas 
11-Sep-2012The Future of CRIS: A View from SymplecticBreeze, Jonathan 
11-Nov-2015Future Steps Towards International Collaboration on Research Information Management: the COAR perspectiveSummann, Friedrich 
31-May-2017The German DINI Working Group on Research Information Systems: Current developmentsEbert, Barbara 
29-May-2019The German Research Core Data Set (KDSF): Updates and extended data modelBiesenbender, Sophie ; Herwig, Sebastian 
27-Jul-2021Gestión y sistemas de información para el desarrollo institucional de la investigación en UniversidadesDe Castro, Pablo 
17-May-2021GISMO: A Homegrown CRIS at the University of GhentDe Smet, Esther ; Verhamme, Jan 
24-Apr-2014Global Standards for System Interoperability: CERIFDe Castro, Pablo