Events CRIS2022 – Dubrovnik

CRIS2022 – Dubrovnik
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Linking Research Information Across Data Spaces
The CRIS 2022 conference addresses recent trends in the significance, position and use of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) and more specifically the opportunities they offer for research information exchange and aggregation across institutions, regions, countries and/or stakeholders (eg between institutions and research funders). For this purpose, the conference gathers researchers, managers of research-performing or funding organisations, evaluators, librarians, research administrators, ICT experts and policy makers.

The general theme of the conference is “Linking research information across data spaces”, emphasising the need for using the ever more widespread CRIS implementation to ensure smooth and effective mechanisms for research information exchange and aggregation. From Open Science implementation to business intelligence through research assessment, such interoperability mechanisms offer opportunities to improve the research information management processes in many different domains.
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Dubrovnik (Croatia)
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4112-May-2022Map of Research Infrastructure as a Tool of the Information System for Research, Development, and InnovationZendulková, Danica ; Gavurníková, Gabriela ; Turňa, Ján 
4212-May-2022Monitoring Open Science policy using a regional CRIS – the Flanders case with FRISDengis, Pascale ; de Bal, Ils 
4313-May-2022National Open Research Analytic: Robust and open Insights & Analytics of Danish ResearchIbanez, Karen Hytteballe ; Lauridsen, Nikoline Dohm 
4414-May-2022National research e-infrastructure landscape and trendsMarić, Ivan 
4512-May-2022National Research Portal 101: The dos and don'ts of building a sustainable portalNeff, Sabine ; Hartmann, Simone ; Erat, Vanessa ; Fürst, Elena ; Strassnig, Michael ; Greil, Michael 
4613-May-2022Open Science Support with PureVan Haaren, Richard 
4713-May-2022PeruCRIS: Scope and progress in the implementation of the first release of the Peruvian CRIS platformCórdova, Claudia ; Gómez Razza, Víctor ; Del Carpio, Abel ; Talavera, Francisco 
4813-May-2022The Polish Scientific Bibliography (PBN) – its roots, usage, and mapping with Dublin Core and CERIF. A case study of the Jagiellonian UniversityLewoc, Leszek ; Szafrański, Leszek ; Masalski, Piotr 
4913-May-2022The power of analytics from CRIS systems: CRIS and possible services of global providers of scientific informationGarcia, Miguel 
5012-May-2022Promotion and realisation of FAIR and Open Science through CRIS- and Data Management-teams – A roadmap for changeMelchiorsen, Poul Meier ; Høj, Anne Lyhne ; Hansen, Karsten Kryger 
5113-May-2022Publishing faculty's external relationships in VIVO, the Library-maintained researcher profile systemAlbert, Paul ; Dutta, Sarbajit ; Wheller, Terrie 
5213-May-2022Repository Landscape in Turkey and GCRIS: The first National Research Information SystemTuglular, Tugkan ; Gurdal, Gultekin ; Kafali Can, Gonual ; Ozdemirden, Ahmet Semsettin 
5313-May-2022Research Information Systems and Ethics relating to Open ScienceSchöpfel, Joachim ; Azeroual, Otmane ; De Castro, Pablo 
5414-May-2022Research Metrics Evaluation for Analyzing Research PerformanceEsakkiammal S 
5512-May-2022Researchers' profiles in Finnish Research Information HubNikkanen, Joonas ; Puuska, Hanna-Mari 
5613-May-2022Responding to Faculty Interest in Rapid Publishing During the Pandemic: The Role of interoperable Scholarly Communication Systems at Texas A&MHerbert, Bruce ; Lowe, David ; Lee, Dong Joon ; Potvin, Sarah ; Hahn, Doug 
5713-May-2022Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Research Information SystemsMarušić, Ana 
5813-May-2022The role of standardization of CRIS systems in building Open Science Infrastructure - an example of Polish Medical PlatformKoperwas, Jakub ; Skonieczny, Łukasz ; Sławińska, Renata ; Rybiński, Henryk 
5912-May-2022Some reflections on the current PID landscape – with an emphasis on risks and trust issuesDe Castro, Pablo ; Herb, Ulrich ; Rothfritz, Laura ; Schöpfel, Joachim 
6014-May-2022Towards a better representation of research objects in interdisciplinary researchStruck, Alexander ; Arbuzova, Anna ; Hattwich, Anne ; Wagner, Martin ; Füßler, Thomas