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Title: An ETL Strategy for Integrating the LA Referencia Platform and VIVO for the Brazilian CRIS
Authors: Silva, Vivian S. 
Matas, Lautaro 
Moreira, Tales 
Segundo, Washington C. 
Keywords: current research information systems;national CRIS;BrCRIS;LA Referencia;VIVO;Brazil
Issue Date: 13-May-2022
Publisher: euroCRIS
Source: Procedia Computer Science 211: 111-117 (2022)
Series/Report no.: CRIS2022: 15th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 12-14, 2022)
Conference: CRIS2022 – Dubrovnik 
The BrCris is a wide-range project aiming at providing a unified view of the Brazilian research ecosystem. It relies on the LA Referencia Platform for processing heterogeneous data coming from diverse sources, and the VIVO Platform for data visualization. We developed an ETL strategy for integrating both platforms, making the data flow from a relation representation to an RDF knowledge graph which follows a VIVO Ontology-based semantic model, leveraging the advantages of both tools while maintaining the data consistency between them, through a single command-line synchronization.
Extended abstract to be presented at the CRIS2022 conference in Dubrovnik.-- Event programme available at

29 slides.-- Presentation delivered within the VIVO Track at CRIS2022
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