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Title: The CERIF Refactoring Pilot project: an update
Authors: Dvořák, Jan 
Ivanović, Dragan 
Keywords: research information management;CERIF;data model;CERIF refactoring;information exchange
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2022
Publisher: euroCRIS
Conference: Strategic Membership Meeting 2022 – Autumn (Nijmegen) 
The progress of the ongoing euroCRIS CERIF Refactoring Pilot project is summarised as a follow-up from the project presentation delivered last May at the CRIS2022 Conference in Dubrovnik. The objectives of the refactoring of the CERIF data model are to keep the strong features of CERIF while at the same time removing the perceived complexity of its data model. This project is an attempt to modernise CERIF ideally involving the community in its further development and fine-tuning. The modularity introduced in the CERIF data model involves having a set of core CERIF entities -- already available for comments on a github repository -- plus a number of modules developed in a decentralised way to ensure the scalability of any future CERIF development. A number of newly introduced CERIF entities in the core model such as agent, activity and resource are finally outlined.
24 slides.-- Presented by Jan Dvořák within Session 3 "EOSC-related projects"
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