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Title: Recent advances in CRIS interoperability
Authors: De Castro, Pablo 
Keywords: research information management;current research information systems;socio-technical infrastructure;national CRIS network;persistent identifiers;grant identifiers;instruments and facilities;OMEGA-PSIR
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2023
Publisher: euroCRIS
Source: De Castro P (2023). Recent advances in CRIS interoperability. 9th Seminar of University Knowledge Bases (online, 22-24 March 2023).
Conference: 9th Omega-PSIR User Group meeting 
The talk provides an overview of the progress around CRIS interoperability that has taken place since last year's presentation at the previous 8th Seminar of University Knowledge Bases, Emphasis is made on the socio-technical nature of the research information management or CRIS infrastructure and the newly launched "National/Regional Research Portals Working Group" – jointly operated by euroCRIS and the Austrian RIS Synergy project – is subsequently introduced. The possible role of POL-on in this wide group of national and regional CRIS is examined. The presentation then moves onto the area of PIDs, for whose implementation CRIS systems (both institutional and national/regional ones) are not only expected to play a key role, but are in fact key actors already. Beyond well-established PIDs like DOIs, ORCIDs or even RORs, the talk will examine the role of CRIS systems in the gradual adoption of emerging PIDs like DOI-based grant IDs, RAiDs and PIDs for instruments and facilities as highlighted in the Knowledge Exchange report "Building the plane as we fly it" released last month,
29 slides.-- Presentation delivered within the 9th Seminar of University Knowledge Bases in Poland,
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