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Title: TeslaRIS: Reengineering of CRIS at the University of Novi Sad
Authors: Mršulja, Ivan 
Popović, Miloš 
Ivanović, Dragan 
Ivanović, Lidija 
Surla, Dušan 
Keywords: current research information systems;University of Novi Sad;CRIS UNS;TeslaRIS
Issue Date: 15-May-2024
Publisher: euroCRIS
Series/Report no.: CRIS2024: 16th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (Vienna, Austria, May 15-17, 2024)
Conference: CRIS2024 – Vienna 
The main product of the DOSIRD UNS project at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia ( is the CRIS UNS platform which was put into operation in 2010. More than 40 thousand research domain entities have been cataloged in the last 13 years. The platform evolved by including a lot of new features in this period. Piled up technical debt, development of web frameworks, and changes in scholarly communication required us to consider reengineering of the CRIS UNS platform. Reengineering the platform should offer numerous benefits, including cost optimization by reducing maintenance expenses and enhancing developer efficiency. The refactored code ensures faster system responses, facilitating easier feature enhancements. Additionally, modernized software adapts better to evolving scholarly communication trends and academic needs. The new platform hopefully might be used even out of University of Novi Sad, therefore we called that TeslaRIS. CRIS UNS will be just one customization of the TeslaRIS open source software.
Extended abstract presented at the CRIS2024 conference in Vienna.-- Event programme available at

17 slides.-- Presentation delivered within Session 1.2 "Reengineering of funding and other workflows" on Wed May 15th, 2024
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