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Title: Development of National CRIS Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: Case Studies 2023
Authors: Vázquez Tapia, Rosalina 
Keywords: research information management;current research information systems;national CRIS;information exchange;Latin America;case studies
Issue Date: 17-May-2023
Publisher: euroCRIS
Series/Report no.: CRIS2024: 16th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (Vienna, Austria, May 15-17, 2024)
Conference: CRIS2024 – Vienna 
The objective of this paper is to establish a general overview of the development of CRIS Systems (Current Research Information System) or RIMS (Research Information Management System) of national scope in Latin American and Caribbean countries, identifying those who have a system of this type or a similar platform, and what its main characteristics are. To this end, a study was carried out in 2023 using the qualitative descriptive case study research method, which consisted of three stages: a) the search and retrieval of information from primary sources and official websites; b) the collection and validation of supplementary data through personal communications and the completion of a form by the contact personnel or the person responsible for each system; c) the analysis and description of each case study according to a set of established criteria.

Based on the results of the study and the update of information (April 2024), there are 5 national CRIS/RIM systems in the region (which define themselves as such) operating in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, in Chile and Argentina, open systems and platforms with a national scope have been implemented, for the management and evaluation of research and/or scientific production in their countries, which are also included in this work.
21 slides.-- Extended abstract presented at the CRIS2024 conference in Vienna, Virtual Session.-- Event programme available at
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