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Aug-2002Development of a central Knowledge Transfer Platform in a highly decentralised environmentUlmer, Dominik ; Birkenmeier, Beat 
Aug-2002Discovery of patterns of scientific and technological development and knowledge transferVan Raan, Anthony F. J. ; Noyons, Ed C. M. 
11-Jun-2016Looking at the skeleton of university research performanceBiggiero, Lucio 
13-May-2004Open Access Portal to Scientific Data and ExpertiseMühlebach, Felix ; Poort, Jan 
8-Jun-2012Towards Knowledge/Technology Transfer: U-GOV Research Achievements and New ChallengesBertazzoni, Nicola ; Bonora, Paolo ; Luglio, Fabrizio ; Zaetta, Marta 
13-May-2004Usage and Benefits of CRIS for two extremes: the Political Decision-Maker and the Research ManagerHeemskerk, Frank 
10-May-2010Workshop on CRIS, CERIF and Institutional Repositories: Welcome to ParticipantsAvveduto, Sveva ; Arata, Manuela